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Dumplings Recipe Allrecipes

Dumplings Recipe Allrecipes - Almost all Chinese restaurant certainly serves dimsum menu once their flagship. Usually the dimsum dishes are served in the morning as a replacement for rice and served along with tea. Some people refer to the activity of eating dim sum as yum cha in Chinese. Dumplings recipe allrecipes.

Dim sum itself means something that touches the heart while the term yum cha means tea. Dim sum itself is usually served in a round-shaped rattan, not in the form of plates, except when serving porridge. The following are some of the dim sum menu recipes already summarized clearly and details just for you. Dumplings recipe allrecipes.

1. Cheong fun

Cheong fun

CHEONG fun, in Indonesia means a vermicelli rolls are usually on the core stuffed with shrimp, beef, or even vegetables. A sense of fun in itself is bland cheong, because the taste is entirely dependent on the sweet soy sauce which was also mixed with the spices that are really delicious. This time you can try to make it fun with cheong shrimp and scallions along with how to make the sauce.

Materials needed:
For cheong fun (skin deep):
1 cup boiling water
1 ½ cups rice flour
1 ½ cups warm water
2 tsp canola oil or cooking oil, to brand
½ tsp salt
3 tbsp tapioca flour
2 tbsp wheat flour

For dye the sauce:
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
2 tsp brown sugar
½ Cup water

For the content of shrimp:
1 tbsp oil
½ of dough cheong fun
¼ tsp salt
¼ cups onion pieces
¼ cups dried shrimp
1 tsp sesame seeds

How to make cheong fun:
Combine the rice flour, tapioca flour, wheat flour and salt in a bowl, too. Add the canola oil and 1 ½ cups warm water and beat until creamy. Stir in hot water and shake again. Set aside for 45 minutes.
Use a pan that has a lid for steaming and fill bottom steamer with a 2 inch water. You must be steaming dough in bowl over the water and he had to float on top of it. Cover tightly to terkukus perfect.
Brush all sides of the dough with oil and place it in the boiling water. Stir gently and set aside.
Pour the 1/3 dough and stir slowly. Place it on top of the boiling water and steam for 3 minutes.

How to make sauce dye:
Stir in sugar and water into a pan and heat until the sugar dissolves.
Add the soy sauce and oyster sauce and also wait for a boil. Set aside.

How to make a stuffing of shrimp:
Clean wash dried shrimp and soak in warm water for 10 minutes. Pat dry and cut into rough.
Sauteed chunks of shrimp and a little oil for 2 minutes on medium flame.
Stir in chives, salt and mix well. Get rid of the stove, set aside.
Cook the skin according to the above command. Pour 2 tsp shrimp batter and also green onions on top of the Peel. Sprinkle a little bit of sesame seeds on it. Use a spatula to flip through cheong fun.
Move up and cut the same size as keeps you want and dip into the warm water. Serve it in your serving dish along with sesame seeds, scallions, and also the celupannya sauce.

2. Hakau


Hakau was other dim sum menu containing shrimp wrapped with a mixture of wheat flour and tapioca flour. The taste is not the same as eating dumplings, because he tends to be runny but contains the flavor is delicious. The form of hakau usually on one side is folded and shaped like a half circle. This recipe for 32 hakau.

Materials needed:
For content:
340 grams of medium sized shrimp
40 grams bamboo shoots
1 egg white grains
¼ TSP ginger that has already shredded
½ tsp salt
1 piece leek
2 ½ tbsp cornstarch
1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
½ TSP sugar
2 tsp rice wine
½ TSP soy sauce

For the dough:
1 tsp cooking oil
¼ tsp salt
240 cc chicken stock to a boil
150 grams wheat flour
30 grams of flour starch or tapioca flour or wheat flour

How to make:
Peel and discard the head of the shrimp. Dividing into ½ pieces and mix with the remaining ingredients and set aside.
Mix all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl to make the dough.
Boil chicken broth and cooking oil. Stir with chopsticks made of wood.
Sprinkle flour wheat up keeps for kneading dough. Press-Press the dough until it becomes tender. If dough is still sticky, you could add wheat flour.
Cut the dough into 4 pieces and roll into a cylinder-shaped size 8 inch using hands. Cut each cylinder into 8 portions and cover with plastic wrap so that remain moist.
Put the dough in the middle of the paper gepengkan with bread and pot. Fold the edges to the meeting until the results form a half circle. Do until you got 32 pieces.
Use the steamer basket and cook at high temperature for 7 minutes. Once cooked, let stand for 3 minutes before serving.

3. Tim chicken legs

Tim chicken legs

Team chicken legs is a menu made from chicken legs fried, braised, and steamed to the skin and the meat was really tender and very tasty with terbumbui. It's like the table you will never perfect without any team chicken legs served for you. The flavor of the chicken leg team would feel if you spice up and mendiamkannya the night away.

Materials needed:
20 pieces of chicken legs
2 liter cooking oil
Ice cubes to soak the chicken legs

For the sauce:
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2 stalks spring onion finely chopped
2 star anise
1 cup warm water for cooking
½ tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 inch ginger finely chopped
2 vernacular chilies cut angle

Additional materials:
½ TSP rice vinegar
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp soy sauce

How to make:
Cut the part of the nail from the chicken legs and clean all the sides. Cut the foot section into 2 parts. Only one part of the ankle and the other is the rod of his feet only.
Put water into a large pot, put also the salt, sugar, rice vinegar together. Cook for 2 minutes and drain.
Add 1 tbsp soy sauce and season to taste then let sit for 30 minutes.
Fill one-third of a frying pan with oil and heat over medium flame until 180 C. Add chicken legs and fried until color turns Golden.
Move the chicken legs into a bowl that is already filled with ice cubes. Soak for 4 hours.
For steaming: move the chicken legs into a steamer. Prepare ingredients for the sauce. Steamed chicken feet for 15 minutes and pour the marinade sauce and steamed again for 30 to 40 minutes.
To boil: mix all of the ingredients you want to use for steaming along with 1 cup water. Simmer the sauce for 15 minutes and wait until the sauce thickens.

Well that's about Dumplings Recipe Allrecipes.

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