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Banana Compote Recipe

Banana Compote Recipe

Banana Compote Recipe - Banana Compote is perfect eaten at the time of the rainy season and really fitting for cereal in the month of Ramadan. The mother certainly often see banana Compote on sale on the streets for an aperitif for the fasting month.

However, as an alternative, you can create your own at home, the ingredients are easy and cheap. This banana Compote can be served warm or cold time. Banana Compote recipe follows.

10 pieces banana/plantain kepok (Peel and cut angle)
2 fruits jackfruit
350 Gr. of sweet yellow
150 ml coconut milk
1 liter water white
6 tbsp caster sugar
6 tbsp brown sugar
2 pieces of pandan leaves
Fanili 1/4 teaspoon
Coconut milk is a fast
Salt to taste (so it tasted savory)

How To Make:
Boil the water along with the sweet yellow, until sweet potatoes are soft.
Input the coconut milk, granulated sugar, brown sugar, salt, fanili, and pandan leaves. Use low heat and stir gently.
Input chunks of banana, wait a minute
Banana Compote is ready to be served.

Serve warm. Banana Compote menu above is certainly ideal for breaking the Mother and family menu, delicious pisangnya fruit and sweet yellow yg yg santannya soft and savory certainly will make the mother and family addiction at home. Banana Compote recipe, very easy.

Well that's the banana Compote recipe.

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