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7 Vietnamese Food for Breakfast

Vietnamese Food for Breakfast

7 Vietnamese Food for Breakfast - The following will be presented an article about Vietnamese food for breakfast. Viet Nam is famous for its traditional street food. Similarly, at breakfast, many are looking for roadside menu.

In Viet Nam, heavy foods such as rice and noodles get listed in the breakfast menu. Call it like pho. If you want lighter, there's banh mi Sandwich style Viet Nam could not escape the influence of France in there. Here among the 7 Vietnamese food for breakfast.

1. Pho
PHO and Viet Nam could not be separated. Rice noodles with savory broth gravy is also so part of breakfast in Viet Nam. Each region had a pho seller differ, however, located in the enormous storage keep materials making the broth. There are various kinds of pho like Pho Bo (beef pho), Pho Ga (chicken pho), Pho Bo Gau, Pho Pho Tai Nam Bo and Sot Vang. Use the juice of lime and chilli add the flavor of dishes.

2. Xoi
Although pho is global, but it is difficult to determine whether the Pho or Xoi are more popular for breakfast in Viet Nam. To the smallest there is any way the seller Xoi (sticky rice) in the morning. There are also selling Xoi in a sealed container in banana leaves. Xoi is then placed on top of the head or carried by bicycle.

Types of sticky rice is a valuable bargain for example Xoi Gac (Xoi Gac wear colored), Xoi Do Xanh (Xoi with chickpeas), Lac Xoi (Xoi with beans) or Xoi Ngo (Xoi with corn). The more expensive variants like Xoi Trung (Xoi with eggs), Xoi Pate (pate with Xoi), until the Xoi Cha (Xoi with meat rolls).

3. Banh Mi
Banh mi came from France when the colonial era in Viet Nam in the late 1800s. Since then, how to eat Viet Nam culinary influence France like the consumption of bread for breakfast. Pate (Goose liver paste) became part of the banh mi, then developed with the use of vegetables, shrimp, sausage and more.

4. Banh Cuon
Viet Nam is also the origin of the spring rolls so the breakfast menu. Banh Cuon made with skin from steamed rice flour. Isiannya meats chopped and ear fungus chapter. Usual banh cuon served with special sauces and Wue Cha called nuoc cham. Once the sauce is wearing additional oil from the insect ca cuong to improve flavor. But now the oil is ca cuong vanishingly rare and expensive.

5. Chao
Chao or porridge of rice so food for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Viet Nam. Although considered the food of the poor but Chao makin luxury when cooked with a variety of meats. Among others, Chao Ga (rice porridge with chicken broth), Chao Vit (rice porridge with duck), Chao Luon (porridge with eel) and Chao Ca (rice porridge with fish).

6. Trung Vit Lon
Trung Vit Lon similar to balut in the Philippines. Made from duck embryo that is still stuck to her skin. Called it tastes better than chicken eggs were normal and high protein content. In Viet Nam, Trung Vit Lon liked many and appears in almost all breakfast peddlers. The people of Hanoi usually show him with a little salt, pepper, leaf is kumquat laksa and water. While in Ho Chi Minh regular directly eaten from his skin.

7. Banh Bao
Banh bao are similar to typical bakpao China. Form round dumplings filled a variety of ingredients such as pork, onions, mushrooms and sausage. The most popular version in Ho Chi Minh City is a mixture of minced pork, poached quail egg and sausage. In street food, banh bao sold directly in the steamer. So hot when they purchased.

Well it is, about Vietnamese food for breakfast. May be useful.

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