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13 Dangerous Foods List

Dangerous Foods List

13 Dangerous Foods List - The following will be discussed about dangerous foods list. There are several dangerous food in the world. If consumed could incur health problems until their death. Start from the seeds of cherry, fish fugu to potatoes.

Insider (13/8) summarizes the types of foods most harm in the world. Nutritionist Dr. Keith Office then asked for explanation about this type of food. Does not always contain the toxic compounds, some foods are also considered dangerous because if handled or eaten in no way can skyrocket to death. Here's the full 13 Dangerous Foods List.

1. cherry Seed
Behind the beautiful appearance and sweet taste, consumption could endanger humans because cherry seeds. The same compounds contained in fruits with stone such as peach, plum and apricot. But don't immediately panic because though seeds toxic cherry, one must eat hundreds of kg of seed cherry first before the effects of a deadly konsumsinya. According to the National Institutes of Health, limit consumption of hydrogen cyanide per day have not been injurious to health is 703 mg. This is equivalent to hundreds of cherry beans.

2. Fish fugu
There are compelling reasons why the fish fugu was banned its sale in the United States. Because fugu fish food including the most poisonous in the world. If not cooked right, fish fugu 1,200 times more deadly than cyanide.

3. the Casu marzu
Casu marzu is a type of traditional cheese origin of Sardinia, Italy. This cheese through extra fermentation process using maggots live a membusukkan partial cheese. Hence the casu marzu was banned from sale in the United States. This is in respect of health hazards and sanitation/hygiene reasons in the manufacturing process.

4. Hot dog
Who would have thought hot dogs also included food is dangerous. Not because of the toxic compounds found in hot dogs, but rather how to eat hot dogs that often caused choking. John Hopkins Medicine reports indicate hot dogs so the food is most often caused choking in children under the age of 3 years. Be sure to devour the hot dog correctly and keep an eye on if young children devouring this popular sandwich.

5. Alfalfa sprouts
The look is similar to germinate vegetable bean sprouts. Just woof thinner. Alfalfa sprouts, especially the raw is the most ideal environment for bacterial growth. In the last 2 decades there's been more than 30 cases of foodborne illness associated with the consumption of these vegetables. Including cases of exposure to Salmonella and e. coli, according to the Ministry of health, United States.

6. Sannakji
Ever see those Korea packed baby octopus alive? This dish is called Sannakji. Korea people eating sannakji when Octopus are still stretched. The dangers of consumption sannakji is the activity of the Octopus tentacles still moving allows suction cup stuck in throat when a person stop eating. According to Food & Wine, an average of 6 people die each year due to choking eating sannakji.

7. Scallops
The mussels also includes dangerous food poisoning can skyrocket. Especially raw shellfish and not cooked properly. In addition, shellfish including food allergies that trigger major certainly is very dangerous for people with him.

8. The cheese
Types of unpasteurized milk cheese are also harmful to health. This is because the use of raw milk enables the presence of pathogens and harmful bacteria in cheese. It is not impossible that unpasteurized cheese consumption caused severe food poisoning.

9. Bagel
You might wonder where lies the danger of the savory bagels consumption? In fact, the bagel contains no hazardous materials. But the process of preparation of bagel had often caused accidents. Just as when cutting avocados, lots of people were injured due to cut a bagel. The year 2011 is estimated at 2,000 Americans sent the ER because of accident-related cut a bagel.

10. raw Potatoes
Hooked potatoes? Make sure not to cultivate or eating green potatoes raw aka. Types of potatoes is toxic because it contains compounds of solanine. If eaten, could have caused serious health problems.

11. Ackee
Red fruit origin of Jamaica has been banned from sale in the United States due to its extremely dangerous. So his skin red, ripe ackee omen. But so so yellow, ackee contains compounds toxic high amount of hypoglycin. If consumed ackee can be caused nausea, hipoglikemi and even death. Meanwhile, black beans also ackee is toxic.

12. Green Almond and cashew
Not just a potato, cashew and almond green consumption also endanger health. According to him the raw cashew almond or having to go through the process of warming up high so that their toxicity is missing. But eating almonds and cashews sold in supermarkets is safe because it's been through the process of proper handling.

13. Red beans
Red beans are indeed taste good if blended in soup or cream soup is made. But do occasionally eat raw beans because they contain toxic compounds called phytohaemagglutnin. Consumption of raw beans in large quantities could be caused nausea and headaches. Even so, the poison will be lost once the cooked beans.

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