Monday, April 30, 2018

Healthy Food for Ramadan Fasting

Healthy Food for Ramadan Fasting - Choose the type of healthy food during fasting is important. There are several types of foods that are healthy for both breaking the fast time of Suhoor.

The selection of food is done to prevent the onset of disease experienced by someone who is fasting. Then how to choose the food it?

Following this, healthy food for ramadan ' fasting ':

1. Fried chicken
Fried chicken is a dish made from chicken meat mixed seasoning flour fried in hot cooking oil. This type of food become the right choice and healthy to be consumed when the fasting month. However, the fried chicken is meant here is not like the fried chicken at fast food restaurants, but the homemade home.

2. Chicken soup
Choose the type of food soups when eat Suhoor is indeed very important. One is the chicken soup. soup made from chicken, mixed with other food ingredients is a good healthy makana consumed, either while breaking the fast as well as Suhoor.

3. Dates
Palm fruit or dates is the fruit that comes from Palm tree found in the Mediterranean region. This Middle Eastern origin of the fruit has become typical when the month of Ramadan. This is because the dates have the benefits of content such as vitamins, iron and calcium also. The content was very important in maintaining the health of the body while fasting. 

4. Stir Fry
Vegetables are indeed very important time of Suhoor. This is because of the high fiber content on much-needed vegetables while fasting so smooth when pencernaa bowel movements and reduces the risk of constipation commonly occur.

5. Fruit Salad
This sanfat dessert perfect for breaking the fast. This is because some of the buaah contained in the salad very important increase vitamin after undergoing fast.

Well, it is a Healthy Food for Ramadan ' Fasting '. May be useful.

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