Monday, April 30, 2018

Food for Fasting Month

Food for Fasting Month

Food for Fasting Month - 5 foods that should be consumed as many fasts. Fasting is indeed related to food and restraint. Then, what are the foods that should be consumed as many fasts take place? Here's a list of some of the food.

Water consuming more is indeed strongly recommended before and after the fast. Because the potential for dehydration when fasting, because there is no water intake during the day. For it to drink eight glasses of water per day is strongly recommended. You could divide it per glass between the last meal and the fast.

Dehydration while fasting can also be reduced by increasing servings eat fruits than the day normally. Some watery fruit such as watermelon, melon, oranges, and apples can be provided at the top of the table. Fruits also provide nutrients to the body so that the fast is more convenient.

The food is made
Many people rely on instant food Suhoor and fast. But it would be better if you make a home made food consumption alone. That's because the security of material and higienitasnya could be guaranteed, according to taste, plus without preservatives.

Date palm
One of my favorite fruits when the fasting month is the dates, since many provide energy as well as traditions while fasting. Certainly the consumption good dates will help you get energy quickly when breaking the fast, and keep the condition of the body stay in shape when the Suhoor.

When fasting, many people who choose to consume heavy foods such as meat-dagingan and bread. Whereas, foods such as vegetables should also be heeded. In addition to maintaining a fixed smooth digestion, vegetables are also good to make sure the body is getting enough nutrients and minerals, during Ramadan.

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