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10 The most delicious Foods in Southeast Asia

10, The most delicious Foods in Southeast Asia - The following will be discussed about the most delicious Food in Southeast Asia. Each country must have the food become the hallmark of the country. In the Asian region, not only in East Asia, particularly the world-famous food like sushi from Japan, South Korea, from kimchi or dumplings from China.

Southeast Asia also have specialties that certainly had a taste that is just as good. Typical food of Southeast Asia largely have a somewhat spicy flavor with a very authentic spices. For you are curious with Southeast Asian specialties, check out his review below the most delicious Foods in Southeast Asia:

1. Beef Rendang-Indonesia


It's been no secret if rendang became Indonesia specialities which are very famous in the world. Rendang ever even entered in a list of ten of the world's finest food version of CNN. Rendang made from Buffalo or beef cooked with coconut milk and spices for hours so as to produce a flavor and aroma that is very distinctive. In addition to the rendang, nasi goreng Indonesia specialities also became famous in the world.

2. Nasi Lemak-Malaysia

Origins Malaysia nasi lemak is very popular among foreign tourists. Nasik fat savory flavors have since cooked with coconut milk. Nasi lemak was served along with the egg, sliced cucumber, fried beans and anchovies, chilli and that cannot be missed.

3. Tom Yum Goong-Thailand

Asked if Thailand specialties, must first answer was the tom yum goong. Tom yum goong was the seafood soup consisting of shrimp, fish and squid. Reddish orange color display makes many people tempted you taste it. Tom yum spicy sour taste that makes anyone hooked.

4. Nam-Viet Nam

Nam is the most preferred appetizer in Viet Nam. Nam is made up of a variety of meat like crab meat or shrimp mixed with chopped mushrooms, onions, duck egg, and other spices that stirred the median and then put in the skin of dumplings made from rice and then deep fried until cooked and crisp.

5. the Adobo-Filipino

The typical Filipino Adobo is made of pork or chicken cooked in a way that fairly easy i.e. boil meat with marinade of soy sauce, vinegar, paprika, bay leaf and water until cooked and tender. The aroma is very scented and spiced. The usual Adobo is best eaten with rice.

6. the Laksa-Singapore

Thousands became Singapore specialities that can be easily you find in every corner of the city of Singapore. Laksa consisted of noodles served with curry gravy, egg, bean sprouts, chicken, tofu, and ebi. Although you can find in Indonesia, food is very rare in Indonesia.   

7. Kaeng Som Gai-Laos

This Laotian food is quite simple with a light and fresh taste. Kaeng som gai which is this chicken soup made of boiled chicken meat along with a variety of herbs such as basil, Lemongrass, garlic, onions. This food belongs is very healthy and fit to the person being eaten diets.

8. Lahpet-Myanmar

Lahpet is a type of salad served in a container called lahpet ohk ' '. Lahpet ohk in one there are some sections which are filled with fried garlic, beans, roasted Sesame, dried shrimps, grated ginger, coconut and fried. While at the core contains a pickled tea with sesame oil. The taste is very unique because of the unusual material mix.

9. Ambuyat-Brunei Darussalam

Ambuyat is a typical food of Brunei Darussalam Papua origin similar to the papeda because both made from Sago. This way of eating ambuyat is drawn using chopsticks and then dicocol in the divide tubers i.e. thick sauce made of fermented small shrimps. The most delicious Ambuyat is best eaten while still hot.

10. Amok-Cambodia

Do you know if the typical amok that Cambodia is one of the world's oldest culinary. Amok is made of fish cooked with the way Curry gravy and steamed with coconut milk over a bowl made from banana leaves. Fragrant aroma and taste is very tempting.

Well, it was a 10, the most delicious Foods in Southeast Asia.

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