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7 foods to quit smoking cigarettes

7 foods to quit smoking cigarettes

7 foods to quit smoking cigarettes - Smoking is one of the objects of the evil that very popular communities in the world.

Based on the latest data on Health Research-2013, there are about 56,860,457 male smokers and female smokers 1,890,135. Make the addict smoking to really stop it is indeed not easy.

In fact, compared to the benefits, cigarettes contain more compounds that harm to the body. Therefore, BLOGASIANFOOD will provide some of the foods that help you to be able to reduce smoking.

1. Oat
Oats can be one success for food smokers to quit smoking. One of the research in Japan proved that smokers will reduce the konsumsinya up to 50 percent.

In order to make the result more optimal, you can be preparing ground oats mixed with two bowls of boiled water. Let stand overnight, then eat a few hours after a meal.

2. The gum
You can make your mouth stays busy with eating chewing gum. In order to avoid more healthy, sugar-free chewing gum.

Better yet, you can also reduce the consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and so on. Because many people are very fond of consuming these beverages in conjunction with smoking.

3. mineral water
Among the many drinks, mineral water is one of the healthy. You could reduce drinks above with many drinking mineral water.

His longer, mineral water could be one of the beverages that soothe, heal, and detoxifies. Bring a bottle of mineral water everywhere you go, especially to places that are liberating smoke.

4. Milk
Studies conducted With University, milk can make a person can't enjoy smoking fine. Most of them complained it felt became bitter. This also applies to products like such as cheese and yogurt.

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5. Orange
Same thing with oats, you should regularly mengonsumsinya to get optimum results. One of the research in the United Kingdom membuktikkan this can be quite effective.

In fact, after 21 days as much as 79 percent of them successfully reduce smoking and the rest really stop smoking. Consumed with how Juiced or directly, orange is believed to be able to redirect their desire to smoke.

6. Food contains alkaline
Examples of foods that are high in alkaline, among others, such as spinach, avocado, cucumber, peppers, and broccoli. According to pulmonary specialist, David Daughtan of the University of Nebraska Medical, food that can withstand the nicotine to keep berskiluasi in the blood.

It can make a person maintaining the level of his addictions. Thus, you will avoid being active smokers again.

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7. Carrot
Consuming carrots in the form of juice will give you side effects such as milk. Smoking will taste horrible and not as enjoyable as usual. In addition, many eating carrot can make jantungmu stays healthy.

That is the 7 foods that are believed to be able to help you in reducing addiction against smoking. May you want to reduce smoking can really stop ya. Spirit!

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