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Viral, Top 10 Delicious Ice Cream in The World

Top 10 Delicious Ice Cream in The World
Viral, Top 10 Delicious Ice Cream in The World

Top 10 Delicious Ice Cream in The World You are a fan of ice cream, don't miss top 10 delicious ice cream in the world here. Who the hell is that not like ice cream? Cold dessert with a lot of flavor to this favorite of many people. Delicacy and freshness cannot be ignored.

Maybe you think that all the ice cream in the world is the same. But in fact it is not. There are characteristic of ice cream each country. Reported by the Insider, this is the difference from other types of ice cream are popular around the world.

1. Mochi Ice Cream-Japan

Mochi Ice Cream-Japan

The mochi is traditional rice cake originating from Japan. Initially, mochi is made from rice flour dough that contains red beans and sprinkled with cornmeal. But as time went on, came the new innovations in the field, namely the mochi ice cream.

As a result, more and more people love the cakes of mochi. It feels a little rubbery, sticky, and ice cream will be melting when chewed. Aja where one enough?

2. Frozen Yogurt-United States

Frozen Yogurt-United States

For you lovers of yogurt, must have been on cobain froyo right? Frozen yogurt or froyo this is one kind of ice cream that is low in fat and has a sharp taste, than regular ice cream.

Frozen yogurt was first launched under the name Frogurt in the Eastern United States in the 1970s. then became popular since the food healthy on the hectic 1980s. Once try would instantly hooked deh. Moreover, plus assorted toping, fruit, syrup, and more. Yummy!

3. Gelato-Italy


Compared to ice cream, gelato is now more immediacy. Gelato in Italy language means frozen. Don't get me wrong, it turns out the ice cream and gelato it is different, lho! There lies the difference in ingredients, preparation, and textures.

Gelato made at higher temperatures than regular ice cream. So, tesktur gelato is smoother and less ' deadly ' tastes in the mouth.

However, you will find a lot of the experience of tasting a variety of flavors served gelato. Gelato also has a lower fat content than ice cream. So you prefer ice cream or gelato?

4. the Sorbetes-Philippines

the Sorbetes-Philippines

When the ice cream with the flavor of the creamy from milk was introduced from the West, the local Asian community, specifically in the Philippines makes its own version with a mixture of cow's milk with coconut milk or caracao.

Ice cream is popular as a roadside food which is served with bread or wafer cone. Some of the gelato parlour is also always presents the sorbet as an alternative to another dessert. Who ya ever cobain ice sorbet?

5. Spaghetti-Eis-Germany


It tastes the same anyway with ice cream in General that is creamy and soft. But that makes drool is its like spaghetti. Form spaghetti is made from potato printing press.

Usually the dominant spaghetti ice cream with the flavor of vanilla ice cream as his noodles. Then smothered with jam as strawberries sauce coconut or sprinkles, and white chocolate as a substitute for cheese. Original, delicious.

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6. Paletas-Mexico


Almost the same as popsicles, but paletas are made from fresh fruits. There are two types of paletas, i.e. paletas de aguas (consisting of water and juices) and paletas de leche/de crema (consisting of milk and cream).

For the first time you try, you'll feel the paletas any surprise flavor. Namely taste salty and a little spicy. Already been tried?

7. Clotted Cream Ice Cream-United Kingdom

Clotted Cream Ice Cream-United Kingdom

It sounds a bit foreign indeed. Ice cream colored golden yellow became one of the staple foods in the United Kingdom. Usually, it is served alongside Traditional British Afternoon tea.

Clotted Cream Ice cream is made from a mixture of eggs, sugar, and milk. Very difficult to find this one a hearty snack outside the United Kingdom. So it should be to the United Kingdom.

8. the Kulfi-India

the Kulfi-India

In India, this is one ice cream culinary streets are common and sold using a pan filled with ice and salt called matka. The ice cone shaped somewhat like the popsicles are made from milk simmered for an hour.

Flavored with pistachio, saffron, cardamom or make it tastes so rich. Indeed the effect different than ice cream, kulfi is more akin to frozen custard.

9. Dondurma-Turkey


Talking about reserved Turkey ice cream, you certainly know the ice cream seller dong using unique tricks to attract the purchasers? This name is ice cream Dondurma. In the language of Turkey itself, and has frozen means Dondurma chewy texture and elastic.

This unique ice cream made of milk, sugar, ointments (flour made from a type of root mountains), and mastic (mastic resin from the tree). Ointments and mastic ice cream this is what makes this Turkey be springy and elastic.

10. Ice Nuts-Malaysia and Singapore

Ice Nuts-Malaysia and Singapore

Ever watch the series Upin-Upin? If ever, you'll never hear ice water which means ABC stone mix, or ABCD which means water stone mix of durian.

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This bean has a range of AIS toping that presented, but the main one is ice and nuts. AIS beans served with grated ice and azuki beans. Coupled with the sweet corn cream, jellies, syrups, nuts, and milk.

That's the kind of ice cream is different in every country. If you prefer which one?

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