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7 meatballs from around the world

7 meatballs from around the world
7 meatballs from around the world 

7 meatballs from around the worldYou lovers of meatballs, read this then you will be amazed the meatballs from around the world. Meatball is enough food to demand Indonesia people. Either as food additives or food staple, the meatballs stay so the best option at a time like to eat soups. Ground beef combined with hot and spicy gravy, can make forget themselves once packed.

You're curious don't model the Meatballs in another country like what? If in Indonesia is already quite unique with the addition of a variety of content, in various States of not less interesting. Curious? This list is straight!

1. Italy: Italian Meatball

Italian Meatball

Meatballs in Italy can also use pork, fish or vegetables. Not just regular Italian meatballs, ground is also processed along with the eggs and other ingredients in accordance with the basic ingredients. Meatballs Italian sauce eaten with red, as Indonesia had. Just a different ball processing only.

2. America: American Meatball

American Meatball

This not only American meatball eaten with sauce or meatballs such as in Indonesia, they consume it with pasta. Later, the meatballs into the main side dish pasta smothered with sauce. There is also a separate with pasta, namely baked like a pizza with cheese.

3. Turkey: Akcaabat Kofta

Akcaabat Kofta

Before serving, meat Turkey Meatballs wrapped in skewers and burned in the coals. The sauce using butter sauce and tomato. The meat used is ground beef or lamb. A little different with Indonesia is its sprawl.

4. Sweden: Kotbullar

These meatballs with different is he fried in bread crumbs. How to eat it ever soaked with milk and cream. Truly unique, huh?

5. Netherlands: Dutch Meatball

Dutch Meatball

Meatballs in the Netherlands is slightly more unique because its creation mixed with chilli sauce, salt, egg, nutmeg, milk and butter. All of it is mixed. Then, fried, not boiled like in Indonesia.

6. Poland: Polish Meatball

Polish Meatball

Meatballs with almost the same Netherlands Poland, that ball is deep fried. What distinguishes this Meatball is eaten with sauce of mushrooms, and can be made from pork. If meatballs mushroom sauce eaten with Indonesia, how does it feel, huh?

7. India: Indian Meatball

Indian Meatball

If in India, there are many types of meatballs that manufacturing could be based on taste. Like meatball curry, kafta yakn meatballs with curry gravy eaten with salad or rice. There are also Indian spicy meatball i.e. Fried meatballs with garlic, onions, mushrooms, chilli sauce and pepper.

All variants that are characteristic of their respective countries, which certainly fits with their tongues. If the ball is in Indonesia, it's been awful, really. To be sure, the meatballs we also fit with our tongues, let alone eaten cold air time with spicy gravy with hot tea.

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