Saturday, December 2, 2017

5 Food to Stop Smelly Farts

Food to Stop Smelly Farts
Food to Stop Smelly Farts
5 Food to Stop Smelly FartsFor those of you kentutnya smell, please refer to the fine food to stop smelly farts. Actually fart is a normal thing for a human being. Fart occurs due to wind in the belly in a long time, because the digestive system which is less good.

Fart can sound and no. If no sound, usually smells more no. But don't worry, if you have the smell of a fart unpleasant, try to consume the foods below:

1. Yogurt


The yogurt serves to neutralize the bacteria in the gut, so that it can improve digestive function. As a result, farts will not smell.

2. Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint leaves have antioxidants and phytonutrients that function can also improve the digestive system. Your stomach would secure, any convenient fart.

3. Fruits


There are fruits contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are good for the body. So, it could improve, maintain the health condition of the body, and the digestive system. In between such as papayas, starfruit, melons, bananas, and tomatoes. Reduce consumption of meat, eggs, and nuts.

4. Garlic


Garlic effective reduce the bloated stomach by absorbing the gas held long in the digestive tract. Do not believe? Just try it.

5. White water

White water becomes the most important source for the body. White water shortages could impact fatal for body metabolism. So multiply drinking Yes, that scent you fart does not interfere with the comfort around.

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