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Unique Asian food

Unique Asian food

Unique Asian food - Asian Causine - For those of you who love Asian food I ever ate this food? The following unique Asian food.

A blend of many cultures is a feature typical of many countries in Asia are also reflected on the Variant. I was so uniquely, meals on the Asian cultural heritage so often preserved! Haven't gotten around to trying one by one?

1. Carrot cake

Carrot cake

Don't get me wrong, if during this carrot cake, which you know is a kind of cake, then carrot cake from Singapore is completely different! Yes, made from eggs, pickled radish, and bread flour which is mixed until it resembles a white carrot, meals on this one is indeed so sumptuous side dishes packed Singapore citizens at lunchtime.

2. Tom Kha Kai

Tom Kha Kai

If Thailand usually famous for tom yum, then you should try nih ' saudara'nya tom yum this one! Unlike the tom yum spicy tastes of sweet, sour and tom kha kai has a savory flavor due to its santannya. Moreover, coupled with the taste of onions, Lemongrass, and various other herbs yangmembuat this meal makin feels fresh!

3. Kebab


If in Indonesia kebabs known as bacon pieces for milling veg-vegetables that are crisp, and wrapped in roti prata, then in Mumbai kebab form meat pieces arranged in a JAB.

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4. the Vada Pav

the Vada Pav

Vada Pav from Mumbai it is fried foods made from potatoes mixed with onions, chili pepper, and wrapped the soft flour patisseries. Vada Pav was said it is favored by many quarters in Mumbai. So curious?

5. Chinese Tofu Pudding

Chinese Tofu Pudding

You guys ever tasting Portuguese egg tarts are often sold in shopping malls? Well, this time you have to try a version of his Hong Kong ya! Sweet, chewy, and warm, so the superiority of Chinese Tofu Pudding. Often these foods anyway, so the menu of dim sum restaurants in the interlude to neutralize the salty taste on the tongue from the menu-a menu of savory dumplings.

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Well, that's the 5 unique Asian food that according to blogasianfood not lose, it could even rival, with gastronomy in Western countries. Drool and not wait to this unique food nyobain immediately one by one?

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