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Typical Food of Indonesia

Typical Food of Indonesia
Typical Food of Indonesia
Typical Food of Indonesia - Indonesian Foods - The following will be discussed about the typical food of Indonesia. Every country is certainly always have food his trademark.
So many culinary options are treated from a variety of countries, even to anyone willing to travel out of the city and the country only to hunt for food.

Now, turn to Indonesia that began arriving by the tourists a very fond of culinary specialties Indonesia because the taste is savory and rempahnya that can not be found in other countries. Indonesia is rich in food recipes and a variety of culinary uniqueness in it and also tours with the most extraordinary destinations.

For ye are the indigenous peoples of Indonesia, would have been no stranger to the 7th and Indonesia specialities guaranteed this food can not you stay away from me! Curious what is it?

1. Fried foods

Fried foods

Admit it if you can't stay away from fried foods? Yeah right! Even if you're dieting and promise not to eat fried foods again as you even secretly enjoy it fried foods are cool.

2. Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang

Rendang is very famous with its powerful, made from the meat and some of the herbs and spices that exists therein makes it very popular. No need to doubt this one's for the food, even the broth alone was we can enjoy even if only with a plate of hot rice. Yummyy!!! (Read more - Dried Rendang Meat Marinade Recipes Of Typical Padang City).

3. Meatballs


It's not only Indonesia that serves this menu. But, you have to compare? Between the Indonesia-made Meatballs and meatballs from other countries. Certainly it feels it will feel very different and presented certainly different, too, because most inhabitants of Indonesia prefers homemade Meatballs and dishes from their own Country, let alone the meatballs! Who could resist? (Read more - All about Meatballs Recipes).

4. Crackers


If it this one would have been obliged to accompany the meal! Almost the entire population of Indonesia likes crackers, even many tourists from outside Indonesia are intentionally away come to Indonesia just to buy crackers and took her to their home countries.

5. Pempek


A typical menu from Palembang made of fish and processed flour has a unique shape. Not only its form but his name is quite unique and is one of the most famous is the "Submarines". Usually the inhabitants of Indonesia was fond of consuming Pempek and serving it alongside the yellow noodles, pickles, vinegar sauce and shrimp ebi sprinkles inside.

6. Gudeg


One of the famous and most popular varieties is of warm! Because of its unique taste is sweet, salty and spicy food is already a favorite tourists flock to Indonesia. Because this is a mandatory food Gudeg, which you should not miss out on while visiting Yogyakarta.

7. Gado-Gado


Perhaps for most countries out there have a berlumpurkan Salad Dressing made from Mayonaise and Thousand Island. But, who would have thought Gado-Gado is one of the saladnya inhabitants of Indonesia. Because of the unique taste and served with peanut sauce makes the tourists who flock to Indonesia thus very fond of vegetable-based foods. (Read more - All Indonesian Recipes).

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