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Top Lao Food

Lao Food
Top Lao Food
Top Lao Food - Lao Causine - The following will be discussed about the Top Lao Food. One of the countries in Southeast Asia that might still not often visited by tourists is Laos. This country located between Thailand and Viet Nam. If you have the opportunity to pay a visit to the region, then can enjoy the beauty of the territory and do not forget to also taste the deliciousness of food typical of Laos.

If a potbelly doesn't yet have much information about the typical delicious food of Laos, then searching the information in articles of food from different countries. Knowing information about the finest food typical of Laos will make it easier for us to have a tour of the culinary in Laos.

To find out the composition used in the cuisine of Laos to ensure kehalalannya, potbelly can find recipes of typical cuisine of Laos cuisine article. The following will describe typical meals of laos and a loss if it could not be sampled when they visit this country.

1. Larb


Larb salad meat that taste is very delicious. The food is made from the meat chopped and mixed with lime juice, fish sauce and spice. The meat is used also to taste ranging from beef, chicken, duck, in addition can also wear the fish and mushrooms. Larb served with raw vegetables and sticky rice.

2. Khao Piak Sen

Khao Piak Sen

Food in the form of warm noodle soup rich flavor of the spices. This food is very popular in Laos and very becoming favorites. This recipe made from rice noodles mixed with chicken broth or beef, combined with the rich spice seasoning. These foods can be eaten when breakfast or lunch and dinner.

3. Khao Jee

Khao Jee

Khao Jee is a typical food menu which can be found on the Street food of Laos. The taste of this food is fresh and tasty. For isiannya can pick tomatoes, carrots, cheese, meat and cheese do not forget extra chilli sauce as a toping. For a selection of other field can choose chicken, avocado and Bacon for consumers who are non-Muslims.

4. Ping Kai

Ping Kai

This food is grilled chicken cooked with spices typical of Laos so as to produce a delicious flavor. This recipe made from marinated chicken seasonings of garlic, black pepper, coriander roots, fish sauce, and salt. The chicken is then in the wrap use leaves and burned above coals until cooked. This meal is perfect eaten with sticky rice and raw vegetables.

5. Khao Niaw

Khao Niaw

The food is almost similar to the typical Bangkok i.e. mango sticky rice. Lao food is in the form of sticky rice and mango slices, plus then doused with coconut milk. This food taste tart, sweet and savory so very delicious dilidah and made hooked.

That's the description of the typical delicacies of Laos could become mandatory culinary reference potbelly try when visiting Laos. The deliciousness of the food will spoil your tongue and make hooked.

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