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Top 5 Cambodian Food

Top 5 Cambodian Food
Top 5 Cambodian Food
Top 5 Cambodian Food - Cambodian Causine - Here are my top 5 cambodian food will be explained in full.
Cambodian cuisine is one of the oldest culinary treasures. This is a combination of culinary flavors of Viet Nam and Thailand. But even if you've never tasted the cuisine of two countries does not mean you do not need to try the cuisine of Cambodia. Cambodia store various foods that ought to be praised for the richness of taste. The following five of them recommended by the (Read more - Cambodian Food Specialties).

1. Bai sach chrouk

Bai sach chrouk

Bai sach chrouk means pork and rice. This meal is a popular breakfast menu in Cambodia. Usually sold at roadside stalls at six to nine in the morning. These food ingredients is quite simple. Made from thinly sliced pork, coconut milk or soy sauce, smeared with garlic roasted over coals of charcoal so sweet out. rice is served with cucumber pickle. as a complement to the chicken broth provided sprinkled with onion and sliced scallions. Rice in bai sach chrouk made from grains of rice broken, poor quality rice that is commonly made into chicken feed. The selection of this rice is more of a tradition of Cambodia. If being a visit to Phnom Penh, you'll find this food peddlers on the street corners of the city.

2. Ang dtray-meuk

Ang dtray-meuk

Ang dtray-meuk is actually a whole squid baked goods. Ang dtray-meuk is regular snacks found in coastal towns like Sihanoukville and Kep. Hawkers are usually bring the toaster shouldered on the shoulders. A way of making it so simple. Squid smeared with the juice of a lime or fish sauce then baked over charcoal goods. For typical reddish sauce has provided Cambodia in a small bowl.

3. Red Ants with Bacon and basil leaves

Red Ants with Bacon and basil leaves

Insects are food ingredients that are often found in the cuisine of Cambodia. Tarantulas, crickets, grasshoppers, and Scorpions are typically made of typical snacks sold at the edge-side of the road. If you want to try one of these extreme foods, choose red ant. Taste and shape is more easily accepted foreign tongue than crickets or a Scorpion. Red ants in various sizes are fried with ginger, Lemongrass, garlic, scallions and sliced beef. To complement the natural flavors of the ants that tend to sour, added a rich chili pula.

4. Red Curry Khmer

Red Curry Khmer

Curry is the Asian cuisine. Each country had a recipe specifically respectively, as well as Cambodia. Cambodian Red Curry served with a thick gravy. His appearance is similar to a typical Curry Thailand. Although it looks a lot containing chilli, it turns out that this was not the Khmer Curry sepedas kari in Thailand. Its content consists of beef, chicken or fish, eggplant, beans, potato, and coconut milk. It is usually eaten with bread, a result of the cultural influence of France ever to invade the country. (Read more - Cambodia Khmer Culture).

5. Fish amok

Fish amok

Fish amok including Cambodia's most popular foods. This cuisine its shape resembling a pudding, a savoury taste but has since made from fish. That makes this food tasted on the tongue is the addition of unique slok ngor, the Cambodian herb that tastes a little bitter. (Read more - Fish Amok Recipe Cambodia).

That's the typical cuisine of Cambodia 5 you can try if at any time the opportunity to visit Cambodia.

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