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Top 10 Vietnamese Foods

Top 10 Vietnamese Foods
Top 10 Vietnamese Foods

Top 10 Vietnamese FoodsVietnamese Cuisine - The following will be peeled completely on top 10 vietnamese foods.
Viet Nam, has now risen as a developing country after long perperangan 40 years ago. not only in the field of economic and political stability, but also the sector parawisata. Viet Nam has a lot of attraction for tourists travelling in Southeast Asia, one of his culinary Viet Nam which has a unique and distinctive flavors. For those of you who want to visit Viet Nam, it doesn't hurt to know the 10 following Viet Nam Culinary Food.

1. PHO, Vietnamese Noodle Soup

PHO, Vietnamese Noodle Soup

PHO is arguably the most popular food in Viet Nam, rice noodles served in a bowl of soup with pieces of meat (usually beef or chicken), also equipped with toge and lime leaves, being one of the main food for the community Vietnamese. When you pay a visit to Viet Nam, then Pho culinary first that you should taste. (Read more - All PHO Recipes).

2. BÁNH CUON, Steamed Rice Cake

BÁNH CUON, Steamed Rice Cake

Steamed rice cakes are thin and tender, served with crispy fried onions, cucumbers, lettuce, and sliced beef, Banh Cuon very delicious especially when still warm from the steamer. Restaurants in Viet Nam's usual serves Banh Cuon with tempura shrimp and fried green beans, don't forget the fish sauce to add a taste of delicacy Banh Cuon.

3. GOI CUON, Spring Rolls


GOI Cuon is a typical Viet Nam salad rolls that contain meat or shrimp. In contrast to the fried Lumpia rolls, Goi Cuon is not fried but still presents a delicious flavor. While dyed with peanuts, Goi Cuon can be a delicious snack for your journey in Viet Nam.

4. BANH PANCAKE, Sizzling Pancakes

BANH XEO, Sizzling Pancake

The taste is savory and crispy, Banh Pancake became one of the favorite choice for travelers to visit Viet Nam. Banh is shaped like a pancake Pancake crepes, made from rice flour, coconut milk, turmeric, which is then sauteed together with meat, shrimp, and a pile of toge. Equipped with a leaf of lettuce and herbs, very tasty Pancake Banh when served warm right out of the pan. (Read more - Recipe Of Banh Pancake Viet Nam).

5. COM TAM, Broken Rice

COM TAM, Broken Rice

Com Tam is a rice dish made of rice-rice broken, thus called the Broken Rice. The soft texture of the pieces come with a variety of meats, Com Tam can be your lunch choice when in Viet Nam.

6. BANH MI, the Vietnamese Sandwich

BANH MI, the Vietnamese Sandwich

Banh Mi Sandwich, a very typical Viet Nam are affected from the French colonial rule in the past. Therefore the Banh Mi using bread baguettes that are then filled with a variety of meat, fish, pickles Meatball carrots, and radishes. Be careful, because Banh Mi also contains chunks of spicy flavor that makes chilli nan deliciously in your mouth.

7. CA KHO TO, Caramelized Fish in Clay Pot

CA KHO TO, Caramelized Fish in Clay Pot

The cuisine served with a Clay pot has become a tradition for most of the people in Southeast Asia, besides being able to withstand heat, Clay pots also soften and thicken the stew meat. CA Kho To is the classic food for the people of Viet Nam, in the form of fish meat boiled with sugar and flavoring of savory fish, so that puts a thick gravy that include meat.

8. CHAO, a Vietnamese Porridge

CHAO, a Vietnamese Porridge

Chao is a Vietnamese porridge is soft and warm, served with slices of chicken meat, fish meat, meat offal, coupled also with fried crispy bread pieces. Sprinkled with scallions and black pepper powder, Chao became very delicious especially when served with chunks of toge, sliced lime leaves, ginger, and fish sauce.

9. BANH CAM, Orange Sesame Ball

BANH CAM, Orange Sesame Ball

Banh Cam is glutinous Sesame coated Balls, with a sweet mung bean paste, became one of the favorite choice as a snack in the afternoon in Viet Nam. The exterior is crisp, but sweet in the condensed, Cam Banh shouldn't be missed as a snack meal.

10. CA PHE, Vietnamese Coffee

It felt incomplete if talking about Viet Nam dishes without coffee. Viet Nam has a very distinctive coffee, which in the language of Viet Nam called Ca Phe. A typical Viet Nam frothy coffee made with sweetened condensed milk, and a raw egg, made Ca Phe mandatory drink you should try in Viet Nam, especially in closing your dishes. (Read more - All Viet Nam food recipes).

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