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Top 10 Indonesia Food Recipes

top 10 Indonesia food recipes
top 10 Indonesia food recipes
Top 10 Indonesia Food Recipes - Indonesian Causine - This is the complete list of top 10 Indonesia food recipes. Country Indonesia is indeed famous
sights are often visited by foreign tourists. But, not only is it a delicious gastronomic tour course this turned out very well. Typical foods Indonesia which is very famous and rich spices turned out s widely known by a variety of kinds of parts of the country.

From Sabang Merauke funds certainly many culinary options sekali TU you can deals in the country. It also caused Indonesia's food is always performed in the festival of culinary world because almost all of the culinary tourism Indonesia uses spices that can not be found in other countries. This is why food Indonesia so much interest and has its own specialties. The following top 10 Indonesia food recipes which is very famous in the world.

1. the ox-tail soup

the ox-tail soup

Food made from pieces of oxtail is through a very long process so it felt became very popular and delicious. First of all the pieces of oxtail was seasoning with spices and then burned recently entered into the gravy beef broth. Typically, the ox-tail soup will be served with chopped carrots, potatoes, celery, tomato leek and not to forget the onion gorengnya.

But who would have thought, if this ox-tail soup once served at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Madrid, Spain. (Read more - All About Soup Recipes).

2. Gudeg


Processed foods from the young jackfruit cooked with Palm sugar and coconut milk are often found in Yogyakarta. This spicy sweet taste is always crowded hunted by local and foreign tourists. Always a favorite culinary proved to be also located in Melbourne, Australia in the areas of Clayton Road.

Gudeg residing in Melbourne this is one restaurant that provides native Indonesia gudeg. (Read more - How To Make A Gudeg, Yogyakarta).

3. Gado-Gado


If outside of the country we can find salads, unlike the case with Gado-Gado Indonesia specialities made from spices and herbs native to Indonesia. In 2010 the past, gado-gado is becoming the first winner in the race's cooking level display on the category International culinary specialties of aesthetics in Naples, Italy.

4. Fried Indomie

Fried Indomie

The number of types of noodles in the world from various countries. But who would have thought, a brand of noodle in Indonesia named Indomie is already well-known to a wide range of countries in the world. In addition to being the most favorite food in Indonesia, and is often treated with a variety of flavors. Indomie also has already exported to 80 countries in the world since 20 years ago.

In the State of the Middle East and Africa is already selling instant noodles in almost every supermarket, not only the two countries alone. Other unique things Indomie even made one of the most popular Christmas gifts in the United States. (Read more - All about Noodle Recipes).

5. Tempe


If the last existing one Indomie, now turn Tempe that became topics. Food made from soy beans turned out to have standing in a culinary festival in the world. Typical foods Indonesia is most often be processed ingredients are back with a great variety of flavors and cuisine.

Not only in Indonesia, it turns out that in London there is also named streetfood Tempeh Stalls and very popular by the local community.

6. Satay


Who could resist the delights of Sate. Usually the food is presented in two variants, Sate Padang and Sate Madura. Many of the foreign tourists visiting Indonesia for always looking for sate because delicious unmatched.

You can find countless stalls sate in Indonesia, even in New York, the United States also has a restaurant named Indonesia Satay Junction and selling chicken satay as its flagship menu. (Read more - All about Satay Recipes).

7. Fried Rice

Fried Rice

Yeah, anyway, you can find lots of fried rice from various countries. Agree, if not the typical fried rice that Indonesia has its own tastes goals always pisses you miss? It's, you can find lots of fried rice if it is in Indonesia.

Starting from roadside fried rice, to five-star restaurants there. It was so delicious, this meal has been recognized by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, mentioning that the original fried rice Indonesia is really really tasty and delicious. (Read more - All about Fried Rice Recipes).

8. Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang

He's the most popular culinary Indonesia by locals as well as foreign tourists. As if not wanting to miss the pleasure of original cuisine from West Sumatra, their visit to Indonesia was not ever want to miss it.

Lately there are also tourist origin of Norway called Audun sampled the rice field and because of her love against the worldwide Indonesia cuisine is the tourists ever to make a song called "Nasi Padang". Besides the rice Prairies also turns into the position of a list of 50 of the world's finest food version of CNN. Because bumbunya are rich in spices, almost none of the people. (Read more - How To Cook Beef Rendang).

9. Rawon


The origin of the typical foods Indonesia this one from East Java. The basic ingredients of this one type of food made from beef and Kluwek. Do you know what is a Kluwek? The thick gravy of course we can get on this Indonesian food is very good, because spices are mixed in with the gravy can make sense of a dehiscent inside each of the cud.

Kluwek is a food ingredient that can make color of rawon gravy becomes thick black. With herbs-chives, keumbar, onions and other ingredients. Surely this would be typical foods Indonesia tasty if on warm rice consumption. Currently many weddings which serves Indonesian food called rawon as cereal for the invited guests. (Read more - How To Make A Rawon).

10. Pempek


The next Indonesia specialities is the food in this food and Pempek named is food up from Palembang. Have a good popularity in Indonesia, of course it doesn't hurt when you taste the food. It feels less fit if you are a lover of cuisine but have never felt the delicious cuisine that originated from one of the existing regions in Indonesia.

Made from fish and in sports with the flour will make the Pempek has the form which is quite interesting. Usually this pempek in combine with dilute blend of sugar and vinegar sauce, then immediately your pempek consumption while still warm. A very savory taste in a can of fish that have been in the sport that made many people willing to take out his money for the sake of it can devour this Indonesian specialities. (Read more - Pempek Palembang Recipes).

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