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Top 10 Food in Batam

Top 10 Food in Batam
Top 10 Food in Batam
Top 10 Food in Batam - Indonesian Food - For those of you whose hobby is eating and streets, see the list of the top 10 food in Batam.
Batam is a municipality located in the province of Riau Islands. It is located very near from Singapore. In fact, residents of Batam can cross by ferry to go to Singapore. This city is quite advanced. Many gadgets and original branded bags as well as KW has to offer in the city, the price is quite cheap.

The majority of the citizens of Indonesia visited Batam to shop gadgets and branded goods. Either for its own use or sold again, which certainly Batam has always been a first choice to buy these items, especially in large numbers.

If you want to go to Singapore, there is no harm if you drop by to Batam in advance. The city that the whole territory is surrounded by the Singapore Strait and the Strait of Malacca it developed enough and not inferior to the developed cities are there in Indonesia.

Following are the top 10 food in Batam:



The first Batam specialities are fish soup and batam. As the name suggests, this is a soup of sea products in the form of a fish that is fresh and of high quality. A serving of this soup is by having clear gravy made the taste of this soup is not only delicious, but also refreshing. The freshness of the gravy with stuffing in the form of sea food will make you unstoppable desire to eat.

This soup contains besides fish, there are also an additional form of shrimp, squid and other marine material. Although this soup uses fish as the main isiannya, but surprisingly this soup doesn't smell fishy, fresh keitka thus eaten. Will be even more delicious if you eat it using the noodles. There are several types of noodles that you can select. There's a noodle vermicelli and yellow noodles. (Read more - All About Soup Recipes).



Batam specialties is the next mie tarempa. As the name suggests, this tarempa noodles prepared by people who originated from the region of Tarempa. Like noodles in General, these noodles made from wheat flour and egg batter with a hint of spice and sauce as served. However, there is a difference between noodle tarempa with noodles in General.

The difference with other noodle noodle tarempa is located at isiannya. If the noodles are generally filled with chicken, then noodles tarempa is simply not choose chicken. The selected field is a beef or even snails. You can choose to dine on fried noodle or noodle soup. This noodle is a typical Malay Batam which is already popular in the world. (Read more - All About Noodle Recipes).



Who would not know otak-otak? Almost every region has typical foods in the form of otak-otak. Same as Batam city which also have brain-the brain is typically prepared with different spices. If the seasoning is usually used is peanuts, but the brain-the brain typical of Batam is absolutely not use peanuts.

otak-otak is made of fresh fish accompanied with natural spices which really favors making sense of brain-brain it be special. Not only that, there are also variants in the form of otak-otak of the cuttlefish have race agurih special. For those who like it spicy, in Batam there is also a variant of otak-otak sense of spicy patisseries.



Typical food from Batam next noodle is mucus. The main reason why is because the mucus Noodles named after this noodle soup that has given the starch, so textures such as mucus. However, clear viscous broth though. If you are curious, you are obligated to try the original unique culinary Batam on this one.

To note, this is actually mucus noodle variant is no different from the typical noodle ongklok Wonosobo. But the difference is the broth using a marinade of spices are fresh and warm. So that the mucus has noodles taste extra special. A typical slime this Malay noodle does have the characteristic form of the Spice-rich seasoning.



Batam is the next specialities gonggong. You certainly wonder what that gonggong. Gonggong is a species of sea snail which has a savory flavor. If you ever eat slugs or snails, texture from gonggong is roughly the same with both animals. Only difference is the texture is a bit more supple gonggong.

Gonggong is usually served with boiled way using salt water and ginger. The goal is to reduce the use of ginger taste fishy on gonggong. This simple way of processing more precisely the issue the scent from gonggong itself. In addition, cleanliness when processing also determine hygiene gonggong and delicious.



Batam Island specialties next is luti drum. Maybe you will ask more or less like what luti drum it. Luti drum is a typical snack foods such as bread, Batam, but filled with fish that have already given the seasoning. The texture of the outside of this special bread that makes this very special foods. The crispness on the outside but soft on the inside makes this hawker be special.

Interestingly, luti drum contains fresh mashed tuna then spices in the form of spices typical of batam are very powerful so make this drum luti has taste really good. Usually a typical snack of Batam is only used as a complement to traditional drink tea or coffee in the afternoon.



Batam specialties for the gift shop is the most suitable bingka burn. Bingka is made from basic materials in the form of flour, sugar, eggs and coconut milk are cooked using the oven until cooked. This is the original Bingka specialties for the Kings. But now, these foods have become food for the layman, both for the Community Centre itself or not.

In the past, a sense that was seeded to make delicious food from Batam this is the flavor of pandan. But now the flavor of this already bingka more diverse. Thanks to modernization in the culinary field, bingka currently has become the food ready made gift shop and mandatory to be sampled. The softness of texture from bingka this is what makes this toasty bingka very tempting tastes.



Typical foods Indonesia Batam next dagong is rice. This is the length of the dagong rice from rice meat gonggong. Boiled rice mixed with meat wrapped in banana leaves then gonggong has a very special flavor. Rice spices spices be strong enough this gives a sense of the more exceptional.

Usually this meat rice more popular morning breakfast menu was made. The most appropriate pair of culinary food typical of Batam this is teh tarik. So for those of you who are visiting to Batam, it doesn't hurt you try breakfast with this special menu. Guaranteed you will be addicted to want to continue to eat again and again. The price is also quite cheap. With only 10 thousand, you can enjoy culinary delights.



Special food of Batam city is the next mie Sago. These noodles are made from sago flour spices. The difference with other noodle sago noodle is noodles sago has a texture that is likely to be more pliant. In addition, the taste is also different from sago noodle noodles etc. If other noodles only has 1.8 savory, but noodles which tend to have a sense of sago spicy.

Mie sago is very delicious if eaten during nighttime. It tastes spicy to provide warmth at night. But not closing the possibility is also eating a noodle sago is in the morning or during the day. Still will not reduce the exotic tastes of spices typical of the fairly strong. In addition to the unique texture of being able to make you curious.



Nasi lemak is the meals which was born from the hands of the Malay population living in Batam. In addition to Batam, nasi lemak in fact can also be found in the Neighbouring Country Malaysia nor. Own in Batam, nasi lemak can already be found in the markets. Many sellers of food typical of a cheap Batam this festive. If you want to buy it, you can come to market Partner, a Legend, or Mega Penuin. (Read more - Nasi Lemak Recipes).

Nasi lemak is usually sold by the seller of cakes in the market. Nasi lemak will neatly wrapped in banana leaves and dengfan rice paper so that practically brought to eat anytime. If you have never tried a wet food, is highly recommended that you buy one of these. Why? Because the nasi lemak processed together with coconut milk so that the rice is being a bit oily.

That last tenth Batam specialties you shouldn't skip when on a trip to the city of Batam. After many hours spent time to search electronic devices or fill out hours of work, don't forget to take yourself to indulge your stomach eating one of the Batam city cuisine.

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