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Top 10 Food Bandung

Top 10 Food Bandung
Top 10 Food Bandung
Top 10 Food Bandung - Indonesian Food - Here's a top 10 Bandung food. Bandung is indeed a haven of culinary, from small snacks to meals in the cafe or restaurant. Based on the experience of non-friends who often play to Bandung Bandung to search where to eat delicious, we make a list of foods that often they are looking for while visiting Bandung. Of course there are lots of good food in Bandung, but we select 10 Culinary Bandung, tasty and most wanted. We wish it could be a guide when mau culinary tour at Bandung!

1. Batagor Bandung

Batagor Bandung

Batagor actually stands for ' Meatball ' fried tofu. Batagor bandung which definitely fried (ya iyalah) and yummy factors typically from processed meat fish, tahu and the traditional. Understandably, many producers in Bandung tofu taste good, so many delicious batagor him anyway. Usually a traditional peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce. Some batagor Bandung's famous include: Batagor Abun (Large Lengkong), Batagor Riri (Burangrang), Batagor Kingsley (veterans) and Batagor Sukajadi (Pasirkaliki), and Batagor h. Isan (Bojongloa).

2. Yamien Bandung

Yamien Bandung

Yamien is a delicious culinary Bandung is always kangenin if I'm not in Bandung. Definition of the yamien according to me is the bandung yellow noodles are boiled, drained and then diaduk-aduk with oil and soy sauce in Bowl. Taburannya usually a shred or chop chicken meat and scallions, sometimes there are also shared fried onions. The broth can be added the meatballs, ravioli or baso tahu. That's a bit tricky, sometimes yamien there is the use of pig slurry to oil his noodles. Some of our favorite Yamien Bandung: Mie Delusionists (Thunder), Towers Bakmi (TKI), noodle Apin/Rainbow (Jalan Sukajadi) and noodles Linggarjati (Balonggede). Some places yamien tasty Noodle: another famous Naripan, Alloy Noodles (typical Palembang), noodle Rica Way Attorney General (non-halal).

3. Yellow Rice Pasirkoja

Yellow Rice Pasirkoja

If usually much sought yellow rice for breakfast, Rice yellow Pasirkoja this new sales even at night till morning 1-2 around the clock. Interestingly, there are two places delicious yellow rice are both selling on the street Pasirkoja. NKP new left open around 9 pm, its location near the intersection of Canal Street and Pasirkoja Kopo, on the left (direction). Vegetables that can be selected: rendang balado egg, tofu, eggs and beef rendang sambal & oncom. NKP Right open a little earlier namely about 8.30 pm, a location on the right side of the road before the intersection with Pasirkoja Astana Later. Here can select the want to use Hor or yellow rice, Sayurannya any more choices: beef rendang, egg, tofu, vegetable labu (chayote), potato box, glass noodles, fried tempeh, and sambal. Bonus here are dried potatoes.

4. Bondon Fritters

Bondon Fritters

Bit of a shame this fritters name aloud, but indeed that's how name popularity. Supposedly named it because jualannya nights when the bondon work. The location of this delicious food in Bandung in the station Hall, entrance from the road Otista, in one of the stalls that rice over night hours 10.30 already crowded antriannya. Usually they started frying 11 night. Anyway so come have to directly retrieve the number of the queue. That makes these delicious fritters is a combination of textures crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Last purchase price is Rp 8,000,-for 5 rounds. Don't be surprised if people buy dozens of grain because it is all chew ga will be stopped.

5. Rice large Flying Fox

Rice large Flying Fox

Many have said if Rice they live this culinary Bandung over-rated, either because a lot of photos of the artist ever come visit there or because eating this one sometimes antrinya be snaking right up to the streets. In our opinion, to be honest this although they rice is a bit expensive but it does taste good. So he's appeal of her black rice, which is actually no special flavor. Thus the side dishesnya that makes a tasty combination. The most searched vegetable is beans. Actually sauteed string beans, but when sautéing until somewhat charred-charred a bit so the fragrance. In addition to tempe bacem tofu is also a lot of seasoned meat like chicken and crispy fried honey etc. The location of this large Flying Fox in the way Rice Riau (R.E. Martadinata) 102, open around the clock 7 nights until 3 am.

6. Ordinary Bandung

Ordinary Bandung

Outside Bandung, often known as the Bandung Martabak or Murtabak Moonlit. But as a person I call it hell Bandung Sweet Martabak instead. Originally from the content of sugar and peanuts, the current variations murtabak Bandung had very diverse ranging from so the people who wear leather, coffee, green tea until isiannya who wear toblerone, nutella, kitkat, etc. Some of the famous murtabak dining in Bandung: the ordinary San Francisco (Burangrang), Murtabak Canada (Kebon Kawung), Delicious Carrots (Andir), a unique Good (Cibadak) and Murtabak Mr. Black with chocolate batter/coffee at the Abdurrahman Saleh.

7. Kupat Tofu Gempol

Kupat Tofu Gempol

Actually kupat know there are many scattered throughout the island. This tasty culinary Bandung type there is a ready-made peanut sauce is nothing more soups. That is quite a famous one in Bandung Kupat Tofu Gempol located in Market Street, Gempol Gempol Wetan. Kacangnya sauce very smooth texture and a sense of kacangnya is highly viscous. The pink garingnya crackers also pas banget to balance the overall texture of the food. 1 portion is big dibandrol Rp 15,000,-, open from morning until approximately 11 hours during the course.

8. Ambokueh


It is made of Hokkien food cake made from rice flour mixed with chopped slices of lapcheong (pork sausage), ngohiong (processed pork and fish/shrimp), fried tofu, egg, soy sauce is cakue (sometimes) and cucumber. After that it was smothered with gravy is thick and a little vinegar. The current seller ambokueh been a little sparse, but good food Bandung can still be found on the road, GOR Pajajaran Kebonjati and Java Supermarket (next to the counter of noodles existing floor Grace Periplus).

9. Nasi Tutug Oncom

Nasi Tutug Oncom

The origin of Tasikmalaya, Nasi Tutug Oncom is widely found in Sundanese restaurants. Mix rice mixed oncom alone is scrumptious, let alone plus fried chicken, tofu tempe, vegetables and Sambal. One of the places to eat are recommended to eat Nasi Tutug Oncom in Bandung is Roasted, front FO Heritage, enters from the street of Banda. There gorengnya be replaced chicken quail that does specialty Roasted menu.

10. Rice Cikur

Rice Cikur

From the name alone it's obvious Sundanese food because cikur is Sundanese language of kaempferia galanga. Actually just simple rice cikur this is rice mixed with spices kitchen with its main components cikur. Rice cikur can combined with vegetable stir-fry, grilled/fried chicken, obese, vegetables and sambal. One of the stalls in Bandung that his menu rice Stall is Inul cikur in areas of Dago Resort. Already twice moved his last location, place nowadays near Marbella Suite Hotels in the area of Dago Resort. Open daily 7.00 – 21.00 hours.

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