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Raja Ampat Traditional Food

Raja Ampat Traditional Food

Raja Ampat Traditional Food - Indonesian Food - The following is a complete list of Raja Ampat traditional food. Raja Ampat is already very well known with its panoramic beauty. Previously we have discussed about nature tourism raja ampat must-see. And on this occasion will discuss about kenikmaran raja ampat specialties you should try and feel.

A visit or vacation to Raja Ampat is of course not complete if only to enjoy its natural beauty alone. In addition to its natural beauty, you should also enjoy the delights of his specialties. So the holidays are you doing being a complete and perfect.

There are some special food you need to raja ampat taste because it tastes delicious. You can find these foods easily in raja ampat. Already know what become specialties raja ampat? Check out the following is a complete list of Raja Ampat traditional food.

1. Sago Grubs Satay

Sago Grubs Satay

Sago worms is one of the staple food rice other than papua residents. Terdengarnya indeed as weird, eat the Caterpillar. But sago grubs is very different and can be consumed. It has a high protein content, so having a good nutrient content.

Raja ampat specialties has a distinctive flavor. Delicious no less tasty with Bacon in General. When to raja ampat you must try the food on this one.

2. Grilled fish Manokwari

Grilled fish Manokwari

No sepertin grilled fish in General, raja ampat specialties that originated from the area of manokwari. Have a taste of that high, so it is highly recommended to taste it. Raw materials of food typical of this one is from the tuna.

3. Wrap Fish Typical of Papua
Still made from fish, you can eat the food typical of the raja ampat Islands in the raja ampat is. At a glance hampirsama with steamed fish in General. But both have the distinction of using bahanbakunya.

Fish wrap typical papua made from fish lau who is given the choice of Marinades. Then use the leaves as well as additional flavor enhancer and pembungkusnya. This wrap fish very tasty if eaten with rice.

4. Pepeda


Pepeda made from Sago. Is the typical Papuan raja ampat Islands. Pepeda has a sticky texture like porridge.

White and sticky like glue. Pepeda has original flavor bland, but the raja ampat specialties one is often enjoyed with fish or Tunny mubara cooked with turmeric, so it has the color of a yellow gravy.

5. The ordinary Sago

The ordinary Sago

Raja ampat specialties that next is the ordinary sago. Murtabak, this one is very much different from the ordinary that we often see or eat. Because the ordinary this one using raw materials from sago already crushed, then mixed with brown sugar and fried.

The ordinary sago sweet taste, of course it feels no less with murtabak in General. You have to taste the food of this one when visiting the raja ampat.

6. Shrimp Screwing

Shrimp Screwing

The typical food of the last raja ampat has a unique name, i.e. the name Shrimp screwing. Why is it named after? Because the shrimp being the main ingredient of this dish is the shrimp has claws like crabs, so it might be dubbed the prawn screwing with the crab.

In the area of wamena, shrimp is very popular and many popular people. You can enjoy this shrimp with ways of boiled, fried or grilled.

That's a review about Raja Ampat Traditional Food you should try. Hopefully can be used as a reference when going to hunt food typical of raja ampat. Be sure not to pass salahsatunya when you pay a visit to the raja ampat. Guaranteed will not disappoint. Happy holiday.

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