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Palembang Traditional Food

Palembang Traditional Food
Palembang Traditional Food
Palembang Traditional Food - Indonesian Food - Tomorrow when the process of Asian Games in Palembang, don't forget to taste the Palembang Traditional Food. Palembang is not known for its cultural and religious tourism only. Palembang is also very famous for the delicacy of food specifically. For the culinary connoisseur, Palembang city became the favored destination place. Some of these foods may have already sold in other cities but more steadily again kalo we immediately packed in its original place. Here a wide variety of specialties you must try while visiting to Palembang. So here is a list of Traditional Food in Palembang:

1. Pempek


Who is not familiar with specialties in palembang that favors on this one. Pempek is made of fish, flour and sago. Usually the pempek is served with thick cuko delights. Pempek has evolved into many variations there are for example pempek lenjer pempek, submarine, curly pempek, pempek absence and others. Although in other areas of pempek is easy to find, but try the original people-made direct pempek Palembang is certainly more delicious.

2. Tekwan


Tekwan made almost the same ingredients used to make the pempek and tekwan. The difference is the shape of tekwan made into small round resembles a fish meatballs. Tekwan served with the shrimp broth gravy plus a sprinkling of celery, fried onions, sprinkling of chives, rice vermicelli, mushrooms, and pieces of the broken bengkoang.

3. Laksan


Typical, Kilkenny Kulinier this one is similar to the pempek lenjer already diiiris approx 1 cm difference, Laksan served not by cuko but uses coconut milk.

4. Pindang Patin

Pindang Patin

Soy is a typical food besides the famous pempek palembang. It tastes delicious and spicy, also makes the taste it definitely hooked. The main ingredient of this dish is cooked catfish fish with seasonings such as Cayenne, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, pineapple and other seasonings. Soy delicious eaten with rice and sambal tempoyak or additional also sambal mangga.

5. Mie Celor

Mie Celor

Mie Celor is noodles served with thick coconut milk and mixed with vegetables and shrimp broth vegetables like toge. Typical, Kilkenny noodle this one has a thick udon-like form. Different just like regular noodles, Mie Celor has gravy is thick and very tasty.

6. Martabak Har

Martabak Har

Sekilah is similar to an ordinary egg martabak, however the difference is Martabak Har just using terlur just coated with a skin of carrots. Martabak har gravy is gravy Curry who had a sense of strong spices, as well as mixed potatoes and meat.

7. Tempoyak


Tempoyak is made with meat mixture a stir fried with durian filling chili and onions. Tempoyak textures such as sambal and eaten as a complement to food. Tempoyak is favored by people in Palembang as a blend to enjoy pindang patin fish or other food. Tempoyak have savory tastes and unique.

8. Lenggang


Pelembang specialties made from processed fish mixed with beaten egg. These are then processed placed on banana leaves and cooked to the way baked. A delicious taste Lenggang and savory, with a typical aroma plus from baked in banana leaves.

9. Maksuba Cake

Maksuba Cake

Maksuba is a typical cake cake Palembang made major duck egg and sweetened condensed milk. Make the needed eggs can reach about 28 grains. The dough is then processed similar to dough layer cake. It feels good, sweet and legit. at first glance similar to with layer cake, but the cake maksuba have a different texture and flavor. This cake is often served time when feast or event of reverence.

10. Eight-hour Cake

Eight-hour Cake

This cake is named after food eight hours because the manufacturing process takes 8 hours. This cake has a composition similar to the Maksuba, which distinguishes this eight-hour cake is the manufacturing process. Eight-hour cake made using steamed for 8 hours. Not baked such as maksuba. This cake is also usually served at the time of the feast in Palembang.

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