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Lombok Traditional Food

Lombok Traditional Food

Lombok Traditional Food - Indonesian Food - When you visit travelers to Lombok Indonesia, do not miss the list of Lombok traditional food.
Lombok never crowned as best kosher sights and attractions the best honeymoon halal in the Halal World International Travel Awards 2015. As the best halal tourism places, certainly also not to be missed to taste the typical food.

Make you guys who don't know the food typical of Lombok, the following 10 Lombok Traditional Food:

1. Plecing Sprouts

Plecing Sprouts

Who do not know plecing Kale? Lombok's specialties is a refined aquatic plants is so popular in every home packed in Lombok. It seemed not yet to Lombok Lombok culinary dining if not this one.

Indeed it looks simple, but rasarnya is incredible. A blend of cayenne pepper, salt, tomato and terasinya so a vibrating tongue. Everyone who ate it would certainly cry favors because sensai spiciness.

Plecing Kale this is obviously very healthy and helps fertility due to added bean sprouts and fried peanut sprinkles to add a savory flavor.

2. Chicken Taliwang

Chicken Taliwang

Chicken Taliwang was certainly typical of Lombok's most popular. Try chicken roasted Taliwang. Wuiih it tastes spicy compel really. In addition to Taliwang, chicken can be burned can also be served with deep fried way.

The selected free-range chicken is chicken that is still young so the meat was very tender and easy to remove from the bones in. Sensations of spicy food is indeed a culinary haven in Lombok.

If it had, there is no harm in bringing original Taliwang chicken from Lombok to take to Jakarta the same day. This brings a sense of permanent can last up to Jakarta.

3. Broil Bulayak

Broil Bulayak

The name alone may be less familiar. However, this bulayak Satay is similar to sate Madura others. The difference lies in the rice cake that is served.

The uniqueness of the sate Bulayak because lontongnya is wrapped using the palm leaves in the shape of a spiral. How to open it any time because of the unique screw must follow the arennya leaves.

Satenya uses beef that's been mixed with sambal Sasak specialties. Local wisdom Bulayak Satay is eaten in a way without using a spoon or fork. So, make sure you already wash your hands Yes.

4. Rice Racing Puyung

Rice Racing Puyung

Once tried it feels like you guys are going to be hooked to try and give it a try again. That's racing puyung rice. Once again the sensai spiciness that makes the appetite increase and wanted adds. With shred chicken topping, mixed with chilli, soy beans, dried, shredded rebon sprinkles and a side dish of eel makes this package of rice puyung Racing Champion. Waduh sampe drool deh. The saliva you guys would remember her because of it.

5. Ares


Local specialties this really reminds us of the old days of old people. Is the main ingredient of Ares is the stem of banana leaf. Yes, the young stem of banana leaf is processed into foods that taste good.

Sensation is definitely not spicy sensation. Who says a culinary taste of spicy all Lombok? Ares is that it feels like a cross between sweet and savory since it uses coconut milk.

Don't get me wrong, this companion made a regular Ares rice by Sasak Lombok asli on marriage occasions.

6. Broil Rembiga

Broil Rembiga

Lombok is indeed a haven of the cow. Here the cows roam freely so that stress is not easy. That's what's causing the beef from Lombok and Sumbawa is famous more tender and delicious.

Sate Rembiga has a unique taste, ranging from sweet, savory and spicy. The name is derived from the name of Rembiga village Rembiga. Because it is very popular and bestselling until now known as Satay Rembiga.

7. Cape Satay

Cape Satay

In addition to easy to get beef, Lombok is also abundant with culinary baharinya. Well, one of them is the main ingredient of Cape sate of tuna.

Cape Satay usually enjoyed while still hot and accompanied with lontong or rice. Both are equally give the delicacy in enjoy tuna Satay.

Savory flavor of coconut milk and some spices typical of Lombok. The most typical indeed sate Cape Cape on the market. This deserves a special food for you try because it's hard to get it in the capital.

8. Tujak Jaje Poteng and Iwel

Tujak Jaje Poteng and Iwel

These specialties are indeed only appears when lebaran. So, it's kind of hard to find it outside the period of the Idul fitri holiday. But actually it's quite familiar culinary kok.

Poteng is sticky tape and tujak jaje or tetel, perhaps more familiar known as gemblong. Well, this Tujak Jaje Poteng is treated with a mixture of leaves of suji and pandan. Lombok food specialties including this one are rare because only served at the time of the feast of course.

9. Babalung


The naming of bebalung may have already latched onto with the bone. Yes, the main ingredient in this cuisine is beef or buffalo rib seasoned with cayenne pepper, garlic, shallots, galangal and turmeric also added ginger.

The most typical in the representation bebalung is sprinkling onions gorengnya in abundance. The most popular Bebalung is located in the Kelebet Depot in the back office of the Governor of NTB. Lombok food this may be almost similar to tengkleng but using cow bones rather than the bone of goats or sheep.

10. Beberuk Eggplant

Beberuk Eggplant

Perhaps this could be also called gado-gado. This type of culinary vegetables usually combined contrasted while enjoying Chicken Taliwang.

Its main ingredients are indeed using Eggplant Purple that's been cut into pieces and mixed with tomatoes and some other spices. Well, after added and blended Eggplant and then sprinkles spice seasoning is added the freshness of lime water.

It felt really gado-gado, spicy, sweet, sour and very fresh for lunch though.

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