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Local Balinese Food

Local Balinese Food
Local Balinese Food
Local Balinese Food - Indonesian Food - For you tourists visiting Bali, do not forget to taste local balinese food list. Complete lack of taste is a vacation in Bali
if you haven't tasted the typical Balinese culinary. Balinese cuisine has an attraction for foodies because always in racik with herbs strong spice and spicy. This time we collect 10 Local Balinese Food that You Try and where you can find this cuisine. Ready to berkuliner in Bali?

1. Betutu Chicken

Betutu Chicken

Who never heard of Chicken Betutu? The menu on this one not to be missed in the the list of culinary tour you guys in Bali. It has become the icon of Balinese specialties.

If you like spicy dishes, prepare to fall in love with the berlimpahkan Betutu spices spicy with textures that make hooked! (Read more - Balinese Betutu Chicken Recipe).

Uniquely, the seasoning entered into the inside of the belly of free-range chicken. Then his flesh wrapped in banana leaves and baked using coals of fire chaff which take up to 24 hours, in order to produce a savory flavor, tender and spicy are authentic.

Betutu is not always synonymous with chicken meat, there is also a duck using. (Read more - Bali's Betutu Duck Cuisine Recipes).

2. Satay Lilit

Satay Lilit

In contrast to the generally sate their flesh punctured, Sate Lilit thus made in the lilit. Previously, the meat will be finely chopped in advance and in ramu with herbs. Then, in the wound in the trunk or bamboo stalks Lemongrass leaves. It feels padded and savory on the guarantee! Satay lilit in advance that use stem Lemongrass leaves, you will smell the fragrance.

Generally meats are used, among others, chicken, pork, or fish mackerel. However, the sate lilit with mackerel fish meat was the one who became a prima donna in Bali. (Read more - Recipe Satay Lilit Ikan Balinese).

3. Audience Kuwir

Audience Kuwir

Lawar is a mix of vegetables and meat in a marinade using special herbs typical of Bali.

Indeed the Audience generally processed by using a mixture of pork, but it turns out that duck entog (kuwir) also became a meat alternative in favoritkan by the Balinese.

Usually the meat already chopped entog be mixed with vegetable pieces of string beans and grated coconut and Spice seared in Bali.

Lawar Kuwir this will be more delicious if eaten warm along with white rice Satay lilit, peanuts, shredded chicken Betutu, and semangkok jukut ares (banana stem vegetable).

4. Babi Guling

Babi Guling

Pig skin color brownish scroll really crunchy on the tongue. Moreover, its flesh is so tender and rich spices. Uniquely, alkaline seasoning genep Bali and vegetable cassava leaves entered into the pork belly and the diguling on top of the coals.

Pork menu Scroll is usually served with white rice warm audience shared sate lilit, and a small bowl of jukut ares.

5. Rice Mix Chicken Bali

Rice Mix Chicken Bali

If you don't have enough time to sample all the above menu, you can enjoy a range of typical culinary island of the gods at once in a single dish.

Sate lilit, shredded chicken seasoning Base sisit Genep, urap, and vegetable audience chicken ready to accompany white rice is best eaten warm. Enjoy the delights of Bali Chicken Rice Mix, when you guys mix it with Sambal matah Balinese Sambal and embe.

Interestingly again, this menu is always performed with toppings that vary in every restaurant in Bali, for example, oblige anyone with chicken egg, tomato sambal betutu, fried chicken skin, leaf fish, spicy boiled tubers and sprinkling of fried peanuts.

6. Rujak Kuah Pindang and Rujak Bulung

Rujak Kuah Pindang and Rujak Bulung

Have already tasted the rujak kuah tuna fish with seasoning? In Bali, you can try the unique cuisine in which small stalls on the side of the road-side.

Feel the thrill of fresh spicy all at once on the tongue, while you dine on mango slices with a mixture of Soy Sauce and chilli are super spicy. Not only is the mango, you can also replace isiannya with a mixture of different types of fruit or even seaweed.

In Bali, the Queen of seaweed seasonings with soy sauce is known as Bulung Rojak. Good luck with fresh sensations that arise from a combination of seaweed and kuah pindang!

7. Serombotan


In the West of the country there is famous for its salads and in vegetable is identical to Java, Bali, no less synonymous with culinary vegetables typical of named Serombotan. Klungkung cuisine serves a mixture of vegetables, such as long beans, spinach, kale, beans, eggplant, bean sprouts, and pare.

Meanwhile bumbunya is known by the name Kalas, i.e. a kind of coconut milk contains a blend of crushed saffron, galangal, shallots, garlic, coriander and galingale. This seasoning combined with seasonings and spices spicy beans.

8. Tipat Blayag

Tipat Blayag

You guys probably already quite familiar culinary Tipat Cantok heard in Bali. But what about the typical Blayag Tipat Buleleng?

Form Blayag not diulat like Tipat ketupat-square, but more like a rice cake that is elongated with a twirled janur young or young enau leaves. Unlike tipat cantok that uses peanuts, Blayag have a spice that comes from processed rice flour and seasoning blends. Bumbunya texture that is very similar to the condensed coconut milk is very delicious when the met pieces of tipat urab blayag, vegetable, chicken, fried chicken claw sisit, crackers the chicken skin, and soy beans.

9. Rice Jinggo

Rice Jinggo

For those of you who want to enjoy the cheap food in Bali, then we recommend Rice Jinggo. That is typical of Rice Jinggo Bali this is the packaging wrapped by banana leaves and the traditional super spicy. The rice is served only sekepalan the hands of adults, while the giant side dish generally consisting of shred chicken meat, fried noodles, fried and tempe. You will never feel full with only eating a pack of rice Jinggo.

No one knows for sure the meaning of the term Jinggo (Jenggo), but supposedly comes from the Hokkien jeng go which means one thousand five hundred. Indeed in 1997, when it became popular, rice had the bandrol at IDR 1,500, but now the average sale in the range of Usd 3.000 – Rp 5.000.

10. Rice Tepeng

Rice Tepeng

Tepeng rice is a dish typical of Gianyar in serve pretty flaccid as mush. The savory seasoning spice Balinese smothered on top of Tepeng became the main allure. No wonder a sense of spiciness that's so powerful tongue.

Long beans, red beans, jackfruit, young eggplant, kelor, leaves and grated coconut are some vegetables that often complements the Rice Tepeng. While there is usually a giant side dish for eggs and fried shredded chicken. Has any unique way, using banana leaves.

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