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Japan Unique Food

Japan Unique Food
Japan Unique Food
Japan Unique Food - Japanese Food - Here are some of Japan's unique food. Asia is having a wide range of culinary and each country also has his trademark food. One country that has various types of food i.e. Japan where there are many kinds of food which many are interested in. But who would have thought if Japan also has some mouth-watering culinary antimaistream enough to eat but not afraid of fat. A country that is nicknamed "Sakura did dare to innovate to provide flavor and variation form in foods.

Japan has many specialties or legend but you also have to know and taste the foods that are quite unique. For those of you who are still curious about the unique culinary Japan like the following:

1. Ramen With Unique Curry

Ramen With Unique

Japan does have one type of food that characterizes namely Ramen, the ramen for however one is different from the usual. For those of you who want to experience a different and more unique then you can try to taste the ramen noodles with gravy. The soup is served with chocolate as this is a ramen soup of ramen. It is common to this type of ramen noodles in serving with added meat pieces and also bubug Brown. (Read more - All Ramen Recipes).

2. Natto


One of the typical food of Japan which comes from soy bean ingredients previously already in fermentation i.e. Natto. But Japan's own citizens are not too many who love this type of food because it has a less savory aroma. But it is not being turned away from Natto which actually are good for health.

3. Hachinoko


Hachinoko which is one of the unique dishes and antimainstream from Japan and has similarities with Thailand. Because Hachinoko is a food that is derived from seranggga or the bee larvae in the Cook along with sweet soy sauce and sugar. According to the society of Japan who already consume Hachinoko said that the taste of the unique Hachinoko are crisp and savory. To get a menu mainstay in Japan you can give it a try in Nagano Prefecture.

4. Shirako


If you as a person who has a high level of disgust then don't all time try the food on this one. Because it is the origin of the Japan food Shirako who have sperm bag of main ingredient, but to bag the sperm are not human beings but rather fish or commonly called by testikel fish. In addition to its name the disgusting plus their texture mushy and slimy, if also you who disgust would throw up.

Japan which became one of the State's purpose in traveling is certainly much too original culinary food or Japan and many who try it. Of some of the foods mentioned above into the mainstream in Japan anti you can know.

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