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Indonesian Spicy Food

Indonesian Spicy Food
Indonesian Spicy Food
Indonesian Spicy Food - Indonesian Food - Spicy cuisine became the favorite of most people, including tourists visiting Indonesia.

The following is a list of Indonesian spicy food. Indonesia's food is indeed identical to two words: delicious and spicy. Sometimes, both of these words tend to not be separated. Want tasty, yes should be spicy!

Dont be surprised if the majority of the population of Indonesia, including you, is a spicy culinary lovers. In every corner of the stalls to five star restaurants, many foods that can be judged from the level of kepedasannya. Let alone 10 Indonesian Spicy Food:

1. Beef Rendang

Who dont know same Indonesia specialties that you can find easily at home eating pasture? Even a survey a few years ago never crowned specialties West Sumatra as the world's finest foods!

It seems redundant not crowned as the food of the finest beef rendang. Deliciously diverse flavours of spices are cooked long made Indonesia the aroma really percolating in each piece of meat.

Especially if this one culinary eaten with warm rice, coconut milk, as well as various side dishes typical of the desert. Ouch, so drool to imagine it! (Read more - Rendang Recipes).

2. Penyet Chicken

Penyet Chicken

The chicken is typical foods Indonesia penyet which came from East Java. It is called penyek because the chicken has fried this digeprek to the above stone pestle penyet or wood along with sambal ulek very spicy.

It was so delicious cuisine, you can find it not only in Indonesia, but also in some neighbouring countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore. Even one of the CNN reporter ever mention chicken penyet as one of "40 Singapore foods we can't live without". (Read more - All Chicken Recipes).

3. Stir mercon

Stir mercon

Spicy culinary connoisseurs would've dont the same foreign "stir-stir mercon". Mercon own words in Javanese means firecracker and considered describes how the hit of spicy flavor of this stir-stir when in the mouth.

The proof, to 500 grams of meat tetelan cows, the number of chili used reach 250 grams! The comparison for you bekeringat cool when the cuisine of this one. In addition to the Cayenne Pepper a lot, there are still other spices like onion and garlic add enjoy the food on this one.

4. spicy Pulp

spicy Pulp

Each entered the month of Ramadan, there was one typical culinary who always cheer for Iftar in Medan. The food was spicy pulp. A matter of taste, you guessed it right out of his name. Spicy!

This slurry is cooked with a variety of herbs and spices these just made or sold during the month of Ramadan as part of tradition.

Normally, a slurry is eaten along side dish called "anyang" created using various kinds of spices. To keep the flavor and aroma typical of these foods, the production was still using the firewood furnace and cooked for three to four hours.

You can find this cuisine around the location of the Mosque and the Palace Maimoon during Ramadan in Medan. (Read more - Pulp Recipes).

5. Betutu Chicken

Betutu Chicken

This time we move on to the island of the gods. In addition to the famous beach and its natural beauty, Bali is also famous for its culinary tastes spicy. One of them is meals betutu. Regular use of this culinary betutu chicken or duck as its main raw material.

First, the process of cooking chicken betutu is quite troublesome. Chicken or duck that has filled the spices wrapped in banana leaves and wrapped again with the stem of banana leaf. Betutu is then planted in a soil pit and closed the coals until cooked through. But now the process of cooking it was more modern and simple.

Even so, it still dont lose delicious! One of the areas which have chicken betutu Gilimanuk in Bali is the finest. So, don't forgot till you taste these foods when you come to Bali. (Read more - Betutu Recipes).

6. Seblak Bandung

Seblak Bandung

If you people would've Bandung, not surprised with this one hawker. Have a taste of savory and spicy, seblak is a food made of wet cracker that is cooked with vegetables and eggs. Sometimes combined with chicken or processed beef such as meatballs and sausage.

Nutty taste and chewy texture of this one Street hawker guaranteed can make you addicted. Especially if you are a lover of spicy cuisine, then the seblak will surely be obliged you try. (Read more - Top 10 Food Bandung).

7. the Balado

the Balado

Balado is cooking techniques typical of Indonesia who came from Minangkabau. This technique is the technique of sauteing minced red pepper with a variety of spices like onion, garlic, and lemon.

Balado this can cook engineering dikreasikan with different raw materials. Starting from dengdeng balado, potato balado, balado, until shrimp fish balado. Reserved sense already guarantee that dishes cooked with techniques of balado would be delicious.

It was so popular, in fact a lot of snacks such as crisps using the sense of balado as one variant.

8. Pempek Palembang

Pempek Palembang

Typical food of Palembang made major fish is indeed not spicy. However, the sauce "cuko" used to eat the spicy flavours have pempek. (Read more - Palembang Traditional Food).

Cooked with brown sugar, cayenne pepper, water and flavorings, lemon sauce "cuko" it dont just give nutty taste, but also fresh on a very popular food. However, for you who dont strong nutty taste, pempek is also delicious eaten without sauces "cuko".

9. Mie Aceh

Mie Aceh

Still from the region of Sumatra, this time we will discuss the mie Aceh. With the characteristic shape of the noodles were great and somewhat thick, this can be a served culinary soups, could also dry up. However, apart from soups or dry, that is sure of this one is food it tastes spicy.

Mie aceh usually mixed beef or goat. But, not least that using shrimp, squid, and crab to complement the flavor of the spices and savory spicy curry typical of Aceh.

10. Asam Padeh Mackerel

Acid Padeh Mackerel

ASAM padeh is the Minangkabau language which means "sour spicy. The cuisine is traditional cuisine padeh acid society Minang and also Malay. Usually raw materials from acid padeh is seafood, ranging from tuna, snapper, tuna, until the squid spiced tamarind, chili, and a variety of spices.

In addition to the spicy, sour taste of this dish delivers freshness every time you eat it. You can find dishes this one easily in every restaurant Minang.

Indeed delicious and spicy foods make addictive, but remember to not mengonsumsinya. Can-can you even diarrhoea and damaging its own lambungmu. To neutralize the taste of spicy, don't forget to drink pure milk before and after eating.

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