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Indonesian Christmas Food

Indonesian Christmas Food
Indonesian Christmas Food

Indonesian Christmas Food - Indonesian Food - When celebrating Christmas day in Indonesia, don't forget to sample the list of Indonesian christmas food.
Does not feel, when it was nearing Christmas feast. It means that Christmas is already in sight. To tone up Christmas day, it felt incomplete if not decorating the Christmas tree, hunting gifts, and the most important is preparing Christmas dishes for the family that is being gathered. Well, this time the Blogasianfood will be about Indonesian Christmas Food.

1. Chicken Rica-Rica

Chicken Rica-Rica

Chicken rica-rica is a typical city of Manado, which means spicy chicken or chicken chili. These foods have very diverse because of the way of its creation. Although very diverse, it turns out that chicken rica-rica remains the choice of when Christmas comes.

2. Fish Soup Yellow

Fish Soup Yellow

Yellow fish soup consisting of tuna fish or fish muba is flavored with saffron and lime. This regular Christmas specialities served in Ambon and combined with papeda. For you who don't like papeda, can also be eaten with rice.

3. the Lapet Lampet/Cake

the Lapet cake

This pyramid-shaped cake wrapped with banana leaves, made from rice flour and shredded coconut, then plus grated sugar and water. The food is steamed prior to first until it is cooked. Cake lampet/lapet, often served at Christmas time.

4. Cake Bagea

Cake Bagea

The cake comes from East Nusa Tenggara is encountered at Christmas. Cake Bagea is indeed fitting to be enjoyed with the family accompanied with tea or coffee. Shape chocolate and made from wheat flour, a little hard when bitten but gives delicacy.

5. Klapertart


Klapertart is a typical Christmas dish of Manado. With the-coconut, flour, milk, butter, and eggs, this cake is also very suitable for family get-togethers when friends on Christmas day.

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