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Food Traditions At Christmas

Food Traditions At Christmas
Food Traditions At Christmas
Food Traditions At Christmas - Christmas Food - Christmas has arrived! What the menu Christmas you guys? If you think the Western adage, "eating anything that's important to warm and tastes that is out put in the stomach".

Actually, what the hell is the meaning of saying that? Usually in the West, Christmas arrived at the time of the winter season in which snow has fallen and thick, so cold weather. So, their Christmas celebrations menus usually consist of warm food and drinks and can make the body warm all night. In addition, they usually make recipe that uses ingredients or seasonings made from plants or fruit a vegetable can be obtained even in the winter, too, such as cinnamon, ginger, berries, apples, and more.

Here are some of the main options menu for those who celebrate Christmas in Western countries;

1. Ginger Cookies/Gingerbread
Cookies or cake ingredients are ginger. When warmed, ginger mixed in cookie dough this will noticeably warmer in the body. In addition, since usually this is given dough cinnamon as well as the presence of ginger in it can balance out the sweetness so not to overdo it and make "eneg". This is important because at Christmas we will certainly eat a lot and not just one type of food or just right?

2. Apple Pie
Classic dessert is sweet and make full also. This pie often made and how to make it quite easily. Why are many who like to cook the pie at Christmas? Because of the myriad ways to eat them, in accordance with the choices and a penchant for those who attend. Anyone eat it with cinnamon, anyone with ice cream or just with cream, some even ate with both. There are also people who eat her pie dough by mixing apples with a mixture of cream and baileys so it feels a little different than the pie frequently sampled and there's also a mix or fruit with cheese so the other extras, such as cherry or more.

3. Turkey
Turkey meat is far more rich than regular chicken. Then, many people choose to smoke or Roast Turkey cooking in order to be sufficient for the family and guests at home when Christmas celebrations and also at the time of the previous Thanksgiving. In addition, the meat is being cooked because when options would still be durable until 2 days later and can be eaten with different ways. For example; warmed and eaten as a side dish, eaten directly inside a sandwich after issued back out of the fridge (in a State of cold), and many more. So, this Turkey meat can be a dinner, lunch or breakfast for days so it is very economical and no hassle, because it only has to be cooked one time.

4. Eggnog
The drink is often arises when we one day will celebrate Christmas in Western countries such as the United States. Eggnog is a drink made from milk, cream and eggs. Then given a sweetener such as sugar, regular sugar or both brown sugar and cinnamon. Typically, this drink for the adults because it is often blended with baileys or rum to get rid of a little bit ' fishy ' and a strong sense of the eggs and milk are blended in so.

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