Monday, November 20, 2017

Diet with Asian Food

Diet with Asian food
Diet with Asian food
Diet with Asian food - Asian food is one for healthy food in the world. Asian food is apt to be used as diet food. Don't forget to end the event packed with Asian food drink green tea. Delicious and healthy!

Asian food rich flavor and texture because it's not boring. Not to mention how cooking and a rich spice consumption make this food so it's healthier. A lot of Asian food that is very suitable for dieting to lose weight. Like food from Asian countries are the following:

1. Vietnamese
Viet Nam foods became one of food for the world, because it only uses a little bit of sugar, meat, and coconut milk. Despite that, the taste in cuisine Viet Nam remains rich, because it uses a lot of vegetables. The natural flavor of the vegetables that is what gives a taste of typical and tasty so eat it. A choice of tasty Pho Viet Nam is in the restaurant, noodle soup hot with sliced meat on it. One more delicious, popular and easily made is fresh rolls or fresh spring rolls which is rich in vegetables and not fried.

2. Japanese
Japan's food famous around the world because it is good for the health. The use of raw fish and seafood tends to be low in calories and nutritious vegetables. The warm delicious miso soup also allegedly contains compounds that could fight against the development of cancer cells.

3. Korean
Cuisine Korea typically use more vegetables than other Asian foods. Korea food using just a little spice, also with low-calorie dressing and very little oil levels. Commonly used sesame oil. Recommended Korea food is rice, Bibimbap with a mixture of various vegetables.

4. Thailand
Tom Yum Gung, healthy menu is from Thailand. Made with herbs, Lemongrass, coriander, ginger and other spices is healthy. Tom Yum Gung had a unique taste, a mix of sweet, sour, spicy, and savory in one cud.

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