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7 Christmas Food Traditions in Different Countries

Christmas Food Traditions in Different Countries
Christmas Food Traditions in Different Countries
7 Christmas Food Traditions in Different Countries Christmas Food - the following will explain about christmas food traditions in different countries. Food is so important part when celebrating Christmas. Each country had special creations are synonymous with this celebration.

Each country had its own tradition as Christmas takes place. This also applies to the food that is served. Blogasianfood encapsulates the 7 food eaten at Christmas are popular in different countries.

1. the Panettone and Pandoro-Italy

the Panettone and Pandoro-Italy

In Italy, a good panettone or pandoro so special cereal Christmas. Two sweet bread is quite similar. The material consists of flour, eggs, yeast, butter and sugar. The difference, panettone also contains raisins and candied fruit. Each man had his taste of each. Some like one or both of them at Christmas.

2. Bacalhau da Consoada. – Portuguese

Bacalhau da Consoada. – Portuguese

Traditionally, Christmas dinner in Portuguese involves a variety of fish. One of the commonly consumed is Bacalhau or dried cod marinated. These foods are served along with cabbage, potatoes and hard-boiled egg.

3. Flaeskesteg – Denmark

Flaeskesteg – Denmark

In Denmark there are a few dishes to celebrate Christmas. Such as goose, duck or pork roast with crispy skin (flaekesteg). This food is enjoyed with boiled potatoes, red cabbage and gravy.

4. Buche de Noel – France

Buche de Noel – France

Yule log or a Buche de Noel is often served at Christmas in different countries, including Indonesia. This sponge cake original France wearing a chocolate buttercream or coffee blend. Its shape is similar to a tree trunk, reminiscent of the ancient tradition of burning poles as a symbol of prosperity and good luck.

5. Risgrynsgort – Sweden

Risgrynsgort – Sweden

Risgrynsgort means rice porridge. This dish was the rice pudding and cinnamon which is popular in Sweden. Uniquely, in an almond serving quietly blended into the bowl of pudding. It says who gets the almond dipiringnya will be married in the future.

6. the Ponche Navideno – Mexico

the Ponche Navideno – Mexico

Society of Mexico got a warm drink special for Christmas. The form of ponche navideno or punch the fruit warm. The drink is made from seasonal fruit, sugar and spices. Served in a bowl of hot great, ready to be enjoyed while guests feast on Christmas. Alcohol can also added to it.

7. Turkey – United States

Turkey – United States

Christmas in the United States could not have passed without the presence of the Turkey. Typically Roast Turkey stuffed with herbs, gravy, mushroom, smoked bacon, apples, onions and more. Roast Turkey is a tradition that begins on Thanksgiving day. Millions of Americans enjoyed dinner with Turkey. It continues serving Turkey at Christmas.

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