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Best Indonesian Food in Borobudur

Best Indonesian Food in Borobudur
Best Indonesian Food in Borobudur
Best Indonesian Food in Borobudur - Indonesian Food - Here is the full article about the Best Indonesian Food in Borobudur.
Indonesia ought to be proud to have the glory of destinations worldwide has been named. The largest temple in the world dating back to the ninth century were located in Magelang, Central Java province.

Magelang is a Regency located in the province of Central Java, in Magelang, there is a very famous Temple of Borobudur that become tourist destination both in and outside the country, but don't get me wrong in Magelang not only can enjoy the the beauty of the temple only. You can also make a tour with culinary enjoy a range of typical food types that your tongue mengoyang Magelang, Magelang specialties here is can you put into a mandatory list of culinary Best Indonesian Food in Borobudur:

1. Shark was Beong

Shark was Beong

The first dishes are fish sekali TU beong soaked in her inimitable spicy super spice. And as it turns out, these freshwater creatures can not indiscriminate because it brings just exist in the Progo River, Magelang. Banderolnya is quite expensive when compared to other fish in the market. Imagine, the head wrote the price to Rp 20,000! If the shark was the same curious Beong, come Taste one accord Warug wrote to Spicy in the village of Kembanglimus, district of Borobudur.

2. Sop Senerek

Sop Senerek

Want to enjoy the soups? Jajal deh icipin Senerek, sop clear Gravy with coupled with red beans as a characteristic. In addition, a blend of ground beef, spinach, and sayurannya else is guaranteed to pamper your tongue. Not just a delicious snack, this one is also fresh and fit made breakfast menu while doing exploration in Magelang. One of the famous Senerek sop makan is a pack of Parto in Terminal Old Tidar.

3. Krikil Meatballs

Krikil Meatballs

If the food that one is really the same familiar course mah tongue Indonesia. But the Meatballs in Magelang have different characteristics because the shape is small, so named for the meatballs Krikil. Kuah kaldunya really spoil and made with original beef that is tender. The most famous is the first Krikil Meatball Cart located in parks, street Ade Irma Syriac, Magelang.

4. Rice Lesah

Rice Lesah

The next culinary Lesah Rice is to be found in the largest market. This meal consists of boiled rice soaked with condensed soup. So eaten when rain or night cold. The aroma would arouse the appetite when it was first served. The color of the broth a little cloudy, yellow mengingatkanmu same soto Lamongan. One of the best locations to enjoy it is on Rice Lesah Mr. clown. In Singosari Street address, first Alley mosques, Markets and Rejowinangun is open from noon to two of three in the morning.

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