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Best Food in Labuan Bajo

Best Food in Labuan Bajo
Best Food in Labuan Bajo
Best Food in Labuan Bajo - Indonesian Food - This is a complete list of best food in Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo in Nusa Tenggara Timur offers panoramic views of the beautiful natural environment that is able to treat the eyes of anyone who visited there. Not only a portrait of a charming landscape, Labuan Bajo also provides a variety of local cuisine that is not to be missed. Here's 10 favorite culinary tourists.

1. Seafood culinary tour Ujung
Seafood Culinary Ujung opens at 17.00-04.00 WITA. It is located along the Ujung, ranging from fish auction place, Tourist Pier, to the Simpang Tiga, here you can enjoy fresh seafood cuisine, ranging from different types of grouper, squid, red snapper, shrimp, crab, and many more. As for the Cook options range from burned, fried, dikuah acid, oyster sauce, and more.

2. Fish Soup Sour Philemon
Philemon is located next to the port of PELNI Labuan Bajo. In addition to functioning as a special Pier, Philemon also offers seafood cuisine typical of Labuan Bajo. Fish soup typical acid Labuan Bajo is yellow and fresh. Fresh fish served in spicy sour soup very evocative taste. This type of cuisine can be found also in Ujung Budi Luhur or restaurant.

3. Chicken Cordon Blue Bali Charm
As the name implies, the charm of Bali Restaurants offer a variety of processed seafood and western cuisine. (menu). One of the interesting menu is the Chicken Cordon Blue, where the chicken breast contains cheese, coated breadcrumbs and served with various vegetables.

4. Sunset & Live Music Paradise Bar
Paradise Bar was one of the locations look at sunset (sunset) best in Labuan Bajo. Situated on a cliff, so the tourists can see the setting sun with a view of the ships that anchored while enjoying a cool drink, juice, coffee or black Flores. Also it is shown every Saturday night live music with local bands of performers who are talented.

5. Coto Makassar, Indonesia
As a city of exiles, many of the Bugis Makassar who also lived in Labuan Bajo. Coto Makassar Gorontalo answered a longing towards food typical of Makassar, which serves meat and offal together range (typical lontong Makassar).

6. Cafe in Hit and Artomoro
As one of the pioneering groups in Labuan Bajo, Artomoro was the first to introduce rice Vegetables to Labuan Bajo. Rice, chicken meat, and vegetables is a favorite of tourists as well as locals, of course the typical spicy sambal plus their artificial.

Café in Hit is a place to get together over coffee that is processed. With local barista and coffee beans Café In Flores, the original Hit offers nuances of coffee-shop, such as the region of origin of the foreign tourists in the style of Labuan Bajo. The options range from a menu of processed coffee (frappe, latte, cappuccino) and non-processed coffees such as juices, smoothies, tea to snacks homemade banana cake, brownies, and more.

7. Fried Simpang Pede
Create your Klezmer with fried foods, Simpang Pede is central to selling fried foods in Labuan Bajo. Here sold fried vegetable fritter, know the contents, deep-fried bananas, green beans, and more, that you can enjoy while warm. This fritter is open from late afternoon until exhausted at night.

8. Seafood TreeTop
TreeTop Restaurant famous for its seafood refined à la Chinese, from steamed sweet, sour, hotplates, and pot. The Favorites menu is grouper steam onions, fried chicken, seafood Tom Yam fried noodles, and seafood. The menu of fried fish and grilled fish served with three kinds of soy sauce and sambal. Tree Top seafood restaurants located in Soekarno-Hatta Road, which has a direct view to the sea and a row of tour boats.

9. the ox-tail soup Blue Corner
If find ox-tail soup, everyone will certainly suggest to the Blue Corner. The place is not so big, is across from the post Office of Labuan Bajo. Ox-tail soup with hearty gravy is very popular with tourists as well as local residents, so often run out of if it is not fast enough. In addition, Blue Corner also offers fried rice, fried noodles, vegetables, and much more.

10. Italian Food Mediteraneo
For fine dining, Mediteraneo winner. Not only the Italian menu, the menu also offers various Mediteraneo western and seafood refined chef ordered ranging from appetizers, main dish, and the desert (dessert). The chef was very understanding that display also affects appetite, so they organize them with interest. Sirloin Steak and Loin Baracuda her very tasty, as well as a range of homemade pizza and pasta, as well as covered with desert sweet, like creame brule or ice cream.

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