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12 Asian Food List

12 Asian Food List
Asian Food List
Asian Food List - Asian Causine - Talk about Asian food is very tasty indeed. The following blogasianfood summarize the 12 Asian Food List.

For you lovers of culinary, places you must visit certainly countries in Asia. A wide variety of seasonings to make food from Asia is rich in flavor. If you are visiting countries in Asia, try to taste 12 Asian Food List.

1. China: Pecking Duck

China Pecking Duck

This pecking duck meat was tender. For you to visit China, try typical food tasting. (Read more - Chinese Roasted Peking Duck Recipe).

2. Taiwan: Xiao Long Bao

Taiwan Xiao Long Bao

If you pay a visit to Taiwan, squeeze in some specialties include Xiao Long Bao. Its shape is like the dim sum are served different sizes and filled with pork. (Read more - 4 Special Taiwanese Food).

3. South Korea: Beef Bulgogi Bowl

Beef Bulgogi Bowl

The typical food of the country gingseng consists of meat, rice, and some toppings such as eggs, and vegetables. No doubt the food is full of nutrients and taste typical with herbs native to Korea. (Read more - 10 Most Popular Korean Food Recipes).

4. Japan: the Yaki Gyoza

the Yaki Gyoza

In addition to Sushi, there are other foods typical Japan like the Yaki Gyoza. Now this is Yaki Gyoza have often found in some of the restaurant's famous Japan Indonesia. These foods like dim sum but the fried version with meat stuffing, marinated vegetables. (Read more - Gyoza Recipe).

5. Viet Nam: Bahn Pancake

Bahn Pancake

This food taste delicious and are made from rice flour. Bahn Pancake served with toppings such as onions, peas, shrimp or pork. Its shape is like a pancake that you can fold the moment like to eat. (Read more - Top 10 Vietnamese Foods).

6. Cambodia: Beef Lok Lak

Beef Lok Lak

Traditional Cambodian food consists of meat pieces are dipped into a mixture of spices. The blend is made from salt, pepper, lime juice, and chili. Lok Lak is eaten with white rice and vegetables. (Read more - Top 5 Cambodian Food).

7. Thailand: Pad Thai

Pad Thai

A great many who already know the typical food of Thailand on this one. The food is also one of Thailand's food which is rich in taste and popular. A mixture of noodles and egg, tofu, and vegetables — vegetables combined with fish sauce. (Read more - How to make Pad Thai (noodles Fried Thailand)

8. Malaysia: Roti Canai

Roti Canai

Certainly there have been many who know the food on this one huh. Roti canai not only eaten at breakfast but also eaten in the afternoon. Roti canai is regularly eaten with eggs or stuffing the sweet coconut jam and also variations of curry sauce. (Read more - Canai Cake Malaysia Recipe).

9. Singapore: Hainanese chicken rice

Hainanese chicken rice

This is one of the foods in Asia that must be tried in Singapore. The chicken dish with oil and rice that are rich in flavor. In addition there are soups, chilies and Ginger sauce mixed together. (Read more - Hainanese Recipe).

10. Indonesia: Meat Rendang

Meat Rendang

The food world is a classic meat rendang from Indonesia. The meat is cooked for a long time with a very tasty seasoning. Rendang can last up to four weeks.

11. Philippines: Lumpio Ubod

Lumpio Ubod

The typical food of the Philippines is very unique with egg rolls which consists of fresh young bamboo. It looks like this soft food but the taste is very crunchy because there are young bamboo, there's also the peanut sauce in it.

12. India: Banana Leaf Rice

Banana Leaf Rice

Food India this one presented above, the banana leaf becomes a plate. These foods become seen delicious because of the variety of rice, vegetable curries, papadum, served on top of banana leaves.

From 12 Asian Food List, which already you guys taste? Certainly with food tasting of typical of those countries, culinary experiences you so the more complete.

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