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Asian Cuisine Characteristics

Asian Cuisine Characteristics
Asian Cuisine Characteristics
Asian Cuisine Characteristics - Asian Food - For Asian food lovers certainly know the taste of Asian food. Here we serve Asian cuisine characteristics. Every country in the world has the uniqueness of life style. Ranging from fashion, language, and culture to flavour dishes. For example, countries in Asia have a characteristic taste, different types of herbs, and food ingredients to different processing. The exoticism of Asian food lies in the use of spices in abundance.

Typical cuisine of Asia caused by traditional culture, such as how to Cook, eating habits, and the recipes. Each has its own characteristic seasonings such as soy sauce, salt, and spices. Food ingredients belonging to each country are characteristic of each country's cultural recipes. Very different from European countries, European dishes do not require a lot of herbs and spices. The peculiarities of food it can become the identity of his home country. Call it the Japan portion of the food served in a raw state, such as sushi and sashimi, just looking at it people already know the food comes from Japan. The following features of some Asian cuisine by country of origin:

Talking about Chinese food, it looks like bamboo curtain country is one of the Asian countries that the food is renowned all over the world, such as peking duck and dumplings. China is a country that is very budanyanya, so keep every culture including food is little known outside of the country. Filmed Chinese dishes cooked with a quick and generally flavored savory and oily, the spices that were never behind in Chinese cuisine is Pickled Szechuan seasoning, five spice, wine, soy sauce, mushrooms, mushroom ear hioko and celery. Based on the idiosyncrasies flavor of Chinese food consists of four regions:

1. Northern China
The region has a typical food that is bland because it only uses an easy seasoning, namely, garlic, onions, ginger, and salt. Beijing is the central area of the food from the North with food popularity, namely peking duck.

2. The western part of China
Western region known to have the spicy gourmet food that comes from the seed the chilies, Sichuan are famous areas, Guangxi, Hunan and Xinjiang. The favorite food of this area was the Kung Pao Chicken and Mayi Shangshu.

3. the eastern part of China
This regional food tastes more tart, savory and sweet, its people more to use the sugar, ginger and rice vinegar. One of the areas included in this region is Shanghai while the food is plentiful in the area is beggar's chicken or chicken beggar.

4. Southern China
The cuisine of this region is more seasoned and fresh, its cuisine is based in the Guangdong area has processed seafood and vegetables are abundant. Typical dishes from the region are kaoya, i.e. Guangdong roasted duck with spices.

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The country famous for its flower outdoor pool has a hallmark of a versatile food raw or raw food. Sushi, sashimi, shabu shabu, sukiyaki, tempura and is a series of popular Japan food in other countries, including Indonesia. Japan Society has always used the special seasoning in their cuisine, such as dashi (broth) made with konbu, fish, and shitake mushrooms plus miso and shoyu. The cuisine of Japan have differences with the cuisine of other countries, namely food Japan is absolutely not use seasoning spice in the form of grains or seeds, which contain flavorings like pepper and chili. In addition, Japan also does not use a sharp-smelling herbs such as garlic.

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Just as China and Japan, culinary land of the white elephant has been found in Indonesia's cuisine is famous for its spicy and sour taste that dovetail with the tongue of Asians. Spicy and sour taste typical dishes characterize Thailand. In addition, the cuisine of Thailand also has a blend of sweet, salty and savory. The spices and condiments used in culinary Thailand similar to Indonesia, call it Lemongrass, galangal, ginger, coriander, chilli, pepper, black pepper, oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, Chile sauce. As for the foliage of this country more use of coriander and basil leaves. Not only that, the dishes of Thailand also added fish sauce or nampla as a flavoring. Saltiness of soy sauce is very powerful, combined with the aroma of fish which is also strong.

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Currently Indonesia cuisine began to explore the outside world, Indonesia food synonymous with various spices and bersantan. Almost all the spices and herbs exist in every cuisine of Indonesia, such as beef rendang, rawon, goulash, curry sauce, and soup. The herbs used in the cuisine of this Archipelago is ginger, galangal, flower pekak, cumin, pepper, shrimp paste, tamarind kandis, Garcinia atroviridis, cinnamon, fennel, lemon, limes. The leaves also a spice commonly used in the cuisine of Indonesia, such as leaf turmeric, Kaffir lime leaves, bay leaf, and basil leaves. More mouth-watering to mention Indonesia cuisine is always served with sambal escort.

Viet Nam has a distinctive cuisine all its own, its culinary dipengaruh by France and China to colonize the country. The influence of China is very lumpy look of noodle consumption, while the French influence can be found in the use of French bread that is sold as a snack that is steamed or grilled. The country has a dish taste slightly salty and savory, this is caused by the use of fish sauce called Noucham. Noucham is fermented anchovies sauce flavorful distinctive Brown thick and slightly salty. A very favorite food for breakfast, that is Pho, a noodle soup from beef marinated with a mixture of typical sprinkled with chives, mint leaves and eaten with Noucham.

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One of India's cultural diversity is its culinary distinctiveness, India is indeed thick with culture, such as dances and rituals. Religion and culture plays a major role in the development of its cuisine, most of India's society does not eat beef to vegetarian inclined, this is caused by religion adhered, namely Hinduism. The staple food of the people of India are rice, atta (whole wheat flour), and beans, lentil, chickpea, and green beans any typical dishes of India. with the aroma of pungent spices, herbs often used in India cuisine is pepper, cumin, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and black mustard seeds. In addition, the State is famous for its ready-made seasoning which is always labelled almost every dish, i.e., the garam masala. Garam masala consists of five types of spices, such as cumin, coriander, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. Garam masala sprinkled over food spiri cuisine almost ripe so that the aroma of garam masala is not lost. Another seasoning used is ghee (a type of butter) and yogurt.

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Lebanese cuisine is renowned as one of the terenak of Middle Eastern cuisine. Lebanese cuisine is generally with a blend of herbs, spices, vegetables and pieces of meat. The one that became the hallmark of a taste of Lebanese cuisine is a very strong acid flavor. Lebanese dishes sold in Indonesia asamnya taste levels reduced to 50 percent due to correspond with the Indonesia people's tongue. The food is usually served as a Mezze are appetizers consisting of mixed pickle, salad, bread, fish, fruits and a little animal fats. These foods include famous Lebanese specialties in the world.

Most of Turkey is the cuisine of the Ottoman heritage. Nevertheless the State Turkey cuisine has its own characteristics, namely spicy and sweet flavors. The main ingredients are contained in the Turkey specialties include: lamb, beef, chicken, fish, eggplant, green pepper, onion, garlic, lentils, beans, and tomatoes. In addition, the nuts are also often served as the main ingredient, such as pistachio nuts, almonds, chesnut, walnuts, and hazelnuts. To add to the flavour of ditambhakan also spices, like cumin, paprika, black pepper, parsley, mint, oregano, and thyme. The oil used for cooking, namely olive oil, sunflower oil. In addition to the ordinary citizens of Turkey vegetables also add fruits in cuisine, prunes, apricots, dates, apples, grapes, and figs are the most commonly used fruit, either fresh or dried, in the cuisine.

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