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5 Unique Christmas Food Around the World

5 Unique Christmas Food Around the World
5 Unique Christmas Food Around the WorldChristmas Food - The following will be explained about the unique christmas food around the world. Christmas is the time right for celebrating holidays with your family. A variety of foods such as sweets, biscuits, cakes, turkeys, and other sweet foods are abundant at Christmas.

Every year, the variety of food has already become a tradition. But did you know there is a meaning behind all the Christmas food. A variety of myths and facts unique Christmas food coloring.

United States concluded myth unique to candy cane. Candy cane was created as a symbol for keeping children who are noisy. The following 5 Unique Christmas Food Around the World:

1. Christmas Candy
Christmas candy originally made to scare the children. Candy cane found in 1670 when the leader of the choir of Cologne Cathedral gave the candy shaped like a shepherd's crook. The sweets were given to the children to prevent noisy area of the Church.

2. Plum Cake
Plum cake is a favorite at Christmas. Initially, only made of flour made with oven although at a 14th-century hasn't been much that has an oven. Gradually, over the years, people began to put spices, dried fruits, honey as the contents of the cake.

3. Fruit Cake
Originally a fruit cake is cooked so that it can be stored until the end of the year. A fruit cake baked at the end of the harvest season and saved to be eaten at the beginning of harvest season next year as a symbol of good luck.

4. Turkey
Turkey became an obligatory dish on the table at Christmas. There's a weird Christmas facts behind Turkey. In the past, when Henry VIII had a Turkey for Christmas while the XVI century become the norm that is passed down through the years.

5. Dinner
Every Christmas Eve for sure dinner table filled with food. Health experts declared that Christmas time dinner contains over 7000 calories. It means you are obligated to prevent weight gain.

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