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5 Korean Spicy Food Recipes

Korean Spicy Food Recipes
Korean Spicy Food Recipes
Korean Spicy Food Recipes - Korean Food - You lovers of Korean food and spicy? Try the Korean Spicy Food Recipes here. There is not much different from the culinary connoisseur who exist in the world, the people of Korea turned out to be the same also likes spicy food.

Most food Korea did indeed wear a basic seasoning gochujang. Gochujang is chili paste to Korea cuisine that its main ingredient is glutinous rice and fermented chili powder. Herbs are usually added to foods to give a sweet, spicy flavors, spiciness of course certainly different from the culinary Indonesia which mostly uses fresh chilies.

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Well, for you are hooked really eat spicy. The following 5 Korean Spicy Food Recipes that are worth you try, guaranteed spiciness make hooked!

1. Tteokbokki.


Foods that one is indeed often really popped in Korea drama. Tteokbokki is indeed a lot for sale at the edge of the streets in Korea. The rice cake is cooked sausage resemblance with a mixture of fish and seasonings gochujang, a red color of this tteokbokki is indeed always seem tempting culinary connoisseur, especially if you are a lover of spicy foods. Duh, really compulsory feeding Korea on this one.

2. Buldak.

Maybe some people are somewhat unfamiliar with this one ... In the language of Korea, buldak meaning bul = fire, hot and spicy dak = chicken. So buldak is a super spice chicken with spicy. The food is similar to Baked Chicken Chili sauces as thin. Well, the most delicious buldak if eaten with a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese on it.

3. Jjamppong.


The food of this one is also one of the favorite culinary Korea people. A little different with the seasonings jjajangmyeon black soybeans, jjamppong is noodles with dipping condiment spicy seafood mix with the super and vegetables on it. A typical Kaldunya because it is made using chili powder from Viet Nam, Korea, and India is guaranteed pisses you keringetan because the sensation of spiciness.

4. Kimchi Jjigae.

Kimchi Jjigae

If kimchi is indeed already no strangers make culinary lovers in Indonesia. Then what about the kimchi jjigae? Kimchi jjigae kimchi is made like a soup with the addition of seasoning to make pedesnya nagih dipping. Kimchi jjigae is usually served with additional content, namely tofu and seafood. The more complete right of its contents?

5. Dalkbal.


Dalkbal is chicken legs or claws flavored with herbs chili red super spicy. Unlike the people of Indonesia who usually make it a chicken as a side dish, but people usually eat Korea dalkbal it as a snack. (Read more - All Korean Food Recipes).

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