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10 Vegetarian Resto in Jakarta

Vegetarian Resto in Jakarta
Vegetarian Resto in Jakarta
Vegetarian Resto in Jakarta - Indonesian FoodTravelling in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta is indeed very nice. Here are a few Vegetarian Resto in Jakarta. Restaurants in Jakarta is indeed mostly serves food with meat-dagingan. Unfortunately, due to being a vegetarian is still a minority in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, so hard to find vegetarian restaurants in Jakarta which serves a varied menu of vegetarian.

Fortunately, now there are several restaurants in Jakarta that provides a diverse menu of vegetarian food and also dont lost pulled it from the restaurant which serves a menu of meat-dagingan. For the vegetarians, let us refer to the 10 best Vegetarian Resto in Jakarta.

1. Burgreens Organic Eatery

Who says if the Burger is a vegetarian because the enemy usually contain a variety of meat-dagingan? At Burgreens, you can enjoy a variety of vegetarian dishes in the form of a Burger made from vegetable and organic materials that would have been very friendly to the vegetarians. Burgreens is one of the vegetarian restaurant in Jakarta that provides a varied menu of vegetarian food, ranging from the Mighty Mushroom, Beans N ' Cheese: filling the form beans with bread made from wheat flour, as well as Spinach Chickpeas, Crispy Tofu, Vegan Hotdogs, and even a diverse menu of Raw Food and also salads. For the vegetarian, Burgreens became one of the vegetarian restaurant in Jakarta that you visit!

2. SNCTRY Health Bar

SNCTRY Health Bar

If ngomongin vegetarian meals, Salad is sure to be her favorite food of the vegetarian and almost always a menu that is in range of a vegetarian restaurant in Jakarta. Well, in SNCTRY municipality in the Dharmawangsa, Kemang, you can enjoy a variety of menu salad which range from Mediterranean Grain Salad, Japanese Salad, Buttery Honey Mustard, Wombok Salad and also a Veggie Wrap.

3. The Good Stuff (TGS)

The Good Stuff (TGS)

The Good Stuff is there in Central Park and Kemang Village also so recommendations vegetarian restaurant in Jakarta that you visit. The Good Stuff offers some vegetarian food menu ranging from Smoothie Bowl available a wide choice of Salad, with diverse variations up to the Drink Smoothie dont lose the Yanks.

4. Salad Stop

Salad Stop

No need to be confused and worried to eat what if again hangout to the Mall because now there've Salad Stop located in the Senayan City, Plaza Indonesia and also the Grand Indonesia which offers a diverse menu of vegetarian certainly tempt appetite really ! If many argue that vegetarian food is just that-it's just boring, Stop Salad could break the statement because you could have fun eating a variety of food vegetariannya. In the Salad Stop, you can create and select your own food, ranging from Salad, Wrap or Grain as well as select base and topping, and also thy own dressings. The menu is vegetarian food Salad Stop this diverse and certainly dont would ever make you bored!



Vegetarian meals are provided in one of the places you hang out the immediacy of this one why, Nomz. When your friends enjoy a wide choice of burger or salad, in this thou Nomz can enjoy a variety of vegetarian dishes like Salted Egg Yolk Lava croissants, Avocado on Toast with Tomatoes and Feta Cheese, Tomato Salad or even Middle Eastern Salad.

6. Good Fellas

Good Fellas

Santa is indeed a market for daring stuff that hits Jakarta. In addition to enjoying various food trends hipster, at market Santa there is also Good Fellas, one dining offers a variety of vegetarian dishes, ranging from Cold Pasta Wafu Salad, Rice Salad, Beetroot – Mary Mashed Potato Salad and Salad Greenies also You must try.

7. Yo ' Panino

Yo ' Panino

Another nih vegetarian restaurant in Jakarta that offers a unique concept and also an extensive menu. In Yo Panino which is located in the area of Kelapa Gading and Pondok Indah Mall, you can enjoy a variety of vegetarian food menu ranging from Hot Sandwiches, Wraps and Salads Chopped & also Mongolian Rice Bowls. Interestingly, in Yo ' Panino you can also make or custom Sandwich or Salad on its own based on the selection of breads, lho stuffing, gravy and also own toppings. In fact, in Yo ' Panino Cold Pressed Juice are also available as well as some menus that use Tempeh as stuffing. Variable, right?

8. Berrywell


Smoothie Bowl is also one of the popular vegetarian food and favorite not only among vegetarian lho, but also become food trends among young people are again following the trend of healthy living. Well, in a Berrywell SCBD district, you can enjoy a variety of dishes and Smoothies, Smoothies and even a Bowl Cold Pressed Juice. If you admit vegetarian or else change the pattern of healthy living, obliged to try Berrywell!

9. The Beets and Bouts

The Beets and Bouts

The area of SCBD is indeed very familiar with vegetarians. In Beets and Bouts, you can enjoy the vegetarian food beranekan, from Smoothie, Acai Bowl, Bowl of Greens, Smoothies, and also a wide selection of vegetarian food.

10. La Hoya Comida Mexicana

La Hoya Comida Mexicana

In addition to Salad Stop, restaurant Mexico also could be one of the cool dining recommendations for vegetarians. In La Hoya Comida Mexicana, you can get and make vegetarian food à la ye, from Chimichanga, Tostada, Burrito, Taco or Tortilla Bowl, which can be filled with a selection of your favorite vegetable. Interestingly, here you can also choose the type of rice and the sauce itself. Cool, right? Well, for you who hang out again to the Gandaria City, don't forget to stop by the vegetarian restaurant in Jakarta on this one!

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