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10 Popular Japanese Food Recipes

10 Popular Japanese Food Recipes
10 Popular Japanese Food Recipes
10 Popular Japanese Food Recipes - Japanese Food - The following shall be explained popular japanese food recipes. Japan has a very strong culture. It makes it as a target for tourists. In addition to the rich tourist destinations, Japan also has many culinary specialties with flavors of super delicious.

1. Sushi


Japan food specialties of this one is very popular in the world. You guys definitely tasted Delish sushi is right? You can also find sushi in Japanese restaurants in your territory. Variant of sushi aplenty, but the most famous California roll, salmon roll, and dragon roll. (Read more - all about Sushi Recipes)

2. Sashimi


Both i.e. sashimi. Food made of fresh fish is normally served while still raw and enjoyed with soy sauce and lemon juice. (Read more - In Japan, this Restaurant you will feel the Nostalgia of the Showa era).

3. the Onigiri


Typical Japan rice balls is fitting really make ganjel your stomach growls that being nih. The unique shape is very favored culinary lovers. Even in Japan, it is generally used for onigiri kids Lunchbox and eaten picnic time. Onigiri also has many variants of content. In between such as tuna, salmon, chicken, and beef yakiniku. (Read more - Japan Salmon Onigiri Recipe)

4. Udon


Udon is one of the typical food of Japan. The shape is the same as mi, but larger. It feels springy and tasty would make you addicted. (Read more - All ABout Udon Recipes).

5. the Dorayaki


His favorite food is familiar with this Doraemon? You like watching this cartoon series definitely knew with food on this one. Dorayaki spherical, so much like pancakes. The uniqueness of this cake is located on isiannya, i.e. contain red beans. (Read more - Dorayaki Recipe)

6. Mochi


Cute round shape with a wide variety of colors. The basic ingredients of the cake this mochi is glutinous rice mashed, then formed a round or oval. A soft and chewy texture with a sweet taste. In Japan the mochi cakes typically contain red beans. However, in Indonesia the mochi is often used as a topping for ice cream. (read more - Mochi Recipes).

7. the Takoyaki


A typical hawker Japan is very loved person in the world. Made with wheat flour and containing the Octopus, this becomes a very delicious food. Not only contains the meat of the Octopus, and others contain cheese, chicken, squid, shrimp, and more. (Read more - Japan Takoyaki Recipe). 

8. Yakiniku


This meal made from meat that is cooked to the way burned or baked. The meat used for yakiniku not only beef alone, it could be from lamb. Awful! (Read more - Beef yakiniku).

9. Buckwheat


In addition, there is another variant of udon noodle à la Japan i.e. Soba. Soba noodles made from wheat flour. Not a bit of Japan in various country restaurant that serves food. So you can enjoy the cuisine of buckwheat. (Read more - Buckwheat Recipes).

10. Ramen


Lastly, Japan's popular food in the world is the Ramen. Usually served with ramen soup broth. You'll definitely love the food at this one, right? (Read more - Ramen Recipes).

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