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10 Indonesian Food Recipes Vegetarian

Indonesian Food Recipes Vegetarian
Indonesian Food Recipes Vegetarian
Indonesian Food Recipes Vegetarian - Indonesian Causine - For you the traveller and want to continue to maintain health do not forget the taste of Indonesian Food Recipes Vegetarian. Traveling the circumference of Indonesia is very interesting things, try new things and experiencing different things. But, sometimes it can also be worrying about the problems of food, especially a vegetarian.

What food they serve there?

Are there any vegetarian meals?

What ingredients they use?

That's what being a concern for vegetarians. But don't worry, Indonesia is a country that is very unique with a wide variety of typical Indonesian Food Recipes Vegetarian.

1. Ketoprak


Ketoprak are almost the same as gado-gado peanut seasonings but consists of different materials. Ketoprak came from Jakarta and known as vegetarian dishes. It is made of fried tofu, vermicelli or rice cake boiled, ketupat, chilli, garlic, fried ground beans, water, salt, Palm sugar, sweet soy sauce and vegetables such as bean sprouts, cabbage and cucumber slices.

Served with peanuts and crackers, sprinkle with goren shallots. Keropak only available in Jakarta and is usually sold with a wagon but also available in restaurants or food stalls.

2. Vegetarian Fried Rice

Vegetarian Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of the typical foods Indonesia. Fried rice is sold at every roadside stalls, restaurants, and stalls. There are so many variations of fried rice and one vegetable fried rice or fried rice is known as vegetariam.

Vegetarian fried rice can be consumed by vegetarians because it is made from a mixture of vegetables, rice, salt, garlic, chili and sweet soy sauce. Moreover, sometimes they add an egg scramble, cucumbers, crackers and a sprinkling of fried shallots depending on preference. (Read more - Shilin Crispy Chicken Singapore).

3. Urap


Urap or Urab initially was vegetarian dishes from Indonesia. Urab is also known as a salad or as a side dish often served with other foods. Urap is made from a mixture of vegetables such as spinach, long beans, germinate, carrots, young cassava leaves, papaya leaves, cabbage and more.
All vegetables are steamed and then sliced and mixed with grated coconut (serundeng). Grated coconut is usually flavored with garlic, onion, chilli, Palm sugar, tamarind juice, salt, sugar and coconut.

4. Gudeg


Gudeg is a traditional food originating from Yogyakarta. Gudeg has a sweet taste and can be considered as vegetarian food. Gudeg is made from the fruit of young jackfruit. Young jackfruit is then boiled with Palm sugar and coconut milk add with herbs such as garlic, coriander seeds and others.

Gudeg is usually served with rice and other dishes; But for vegetarians I suggest add gudeg with tofu, tempeh or a boiled egg. (Read more - How To Make A Gudeg, Yogyakarta).

5. Hor


Hor is the genuine food of the Betawi. Hor is almost the same as nasi lemak because both are cooked with coconut milk plus a pandanus leaf, clove and Lemongrass. Currently, Hor is available in most areas of Indonesia and is usually served with fried onions on top with side dishes such as eggs or scrambled eggs, tofu, tempe tempe (tempe fried spicy) sauce, potatoes (potatoes fried seasoning), Fried foods and others.

6. Lontong Sayur

Lontong Sayur

Vegetable rice cake made of rice cake and coconut soup vegetable. Vegetable coconut soup usually made from different vegetables like young jackfruit fruit boiled with coconut milk, herbs and other ingredients.

Then, for the rice cake rice cake that is served into small pieces and added with coconut milk soup, sprinkle with fried shallots, crackers, tempe tempeh, eggs etc. Sometimes, the rice cake can be substituted with ketupat.

7. Sour Vegetable

Sour vegetable that originated in West Java society. Vegetable Acids have a sour taste and is considered vegetarian meals because it is made with a variety of vegetables such as peanuts, young nagka, gnetum gnemon, long beans, corn. Vegetable acids usually eat with rice coupled with chilli sauce and other side dishes. (Read more - Sweet and Sour Sauce Shrimp Recipe).

8. Pecel


Similar to Gado-Gado salad that uses peanuts. Kelso is a traditional Indonesian salad consisting of mixed vegetables in a peanut. The vegetables used in the salad of boiled and then smothered in beans that are usually made from fried beans with water, add the Palm sugar, tamarind juice, garlic, and chili peppers.

Salad can be served solely or can be combined with rice, lontong or ketupat, crackers and other side dishes.

9. Tempe Orek

Tempe Orek

Tempe Orek or known by the spicy fried tempe is one of the popular dishes in Indonesia. Many foods that use the giant as a side dish, tempe orek like Hor, yellow rice and others.
Tempe Orek is vegetarian food made from tempe coupled with spices fried with hot cooking oil. Tempe Orek can also be coupled with a sweet soy sauce to add a nutty taste sweeter.

10. Gado-gado


Gado-Gado is a popular Indonesian salad made from vegetables. Gado-Gado is made of fried tofu and tempe fried with boiled vegetables are added such as potato, cucumber, sprouts, spinach, long beans, cabbage, and lettuce.

As for the bumbunya, the ruling figure godo using similar peanuts made of fried ground beans, chilli, salt, lime juice and leaves, Palm sugar and sweet soy sauce and water. Usually served with lontong, crackers, chips and top with fried shallots and you can also add hard boiled eggs.

Gado-gado is sold in most areas of Indonesia from the restaurant, to the simple stroller wagon.

That's the typical food Indonesia which is suitable for vegetarians. May Be Useful.

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