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Most Popular Asian Sauce

Most Popular Asian Sauce - Asian Food - In addition to the fresh spices, Asian cuisine much artificial seasonings, sauce, and soy sauce. Each spice has a distinctive flavor. In addition to enhancing the flavor, some types of herbs also give color to the dish. Here's The Most Popular Asian Sauce:

Oyster Sauce
Made from a fermented oysters with spices, starches, and caramel. The color of this sauce is browned with a texture somewhat viscous, often added to stir fry dishes. Oyster sauce enhances the flavor of savory and delicious on the cuisine. Sold in bottles.

Japan/Shoyu Soy Sauce
In the market there are two types of soy sauce Japan, namely dark (koikuchi) that has a thick brown color with strong scents, and light (usukuchi) with a light brown color and a lighter scent. Taste almost the same with shoyu soy sauce because the ingredients and the way of its creation is almost the same, only a little more than Japan soy sauce use salt and more use of wheat so that their texture is more concentrated.

Teriyaki Sauce
This ready-made sauce, usually used to soak the teriyaki ingredients before it burned. Some stir fry dishes and steak also add teriyaki sauce to strengthen a sense of the typical oriental. The teriyaki sauce is sold in bottles in the kitchen Asian seasonings.

Hoisin Sauce
Hoisin sauce is made from soybean paste, red chilli, and spices. It tastes spicy sweet. Often used as a marinade for meat, chickens, ducks, or fish before baking or as seasoning stir fry. Sold in glass bottles.

Made from a type of cabbage plant stem cleomaceae, the colour is green and has a pungent, spicy flavor. Wasabi is often used as a complement the cuisine of Japan such as sushi, soba, ochazuke, and sashimi. Wasabi in the market sold in plastic bottles or packaging tube with the form of a paste or powder.

Soy/Soy Sauce
Soy sauce is already centuries used as seasoning China and Japan. Soy sauce made from fermented soy beans and a variety of spices. Blackish brown in colour, with a taste of salty, sweet, and sweet, depending on the type of kecapnya. Soy sauce serves delicious flavour boost on the cuisine.

Soy Sauce
The manufacturing process and materials similarly soy sauce with soy sauce, but on the soy sauce added more salt and has a texture more dilute. Note the use of salt if the cuisine with herbs added to the flavor wasn't too salty.

Ang Ciu/Cooking Wine
Made from fermented black glutinous rice, red yeast rice, and spices. Its color is reddish or clear white and sold in bottles. Ang ciu provides delicious taste and slightly acidic with a distinctive aroma on the cuisine. It is widely used in Asian cuisine, particularly Chinese cuisine. Use 1-2 tablespoons for each dish.

Mirin/Sweet Sake
Mirin is a sweet wine seasoning origin Japan. This marinade gives sweet taste and aroma are typical in cuisine. Mirin is commonly used to flavor seafood, fish, meat, chicken, or duck, or is often also used as a marinade sauce.

On the market for sale two types namely Hon mirin mirin made from fermented glutinous, and mirin Hji added salt and corn syrup (corn syrup) in the manufacturing process.

This is usually alcoholic liquid seasonings used to flavor the cuisine of Japan. It tastes a bit sweet with aroma resembling tapai. Sake is also often used as a marinade mixed dishes of meat, fish or chicken.

Ngohiong/The Five Spices Powder
This seasoning is a mix of five different types of dried herbs, namely pekak Szechuan, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and fennel. Sold in powdered form in a bottle.

Oriental cuisine like Chinese food a lot using ngohiong as a seasoning. In addition to the melezatkan cuisine, spice ngohiong also can reduce the fishy aromas in dishes of fish, duck, chicken, or meat.

Salt of Masala
Seasoning blends is widely used in the cuisine of India and the Middle East. The shape is a powder, and is made from a mixture of cardamom, cloves, cumin, coriander, black pepper, bay leaf, and cinnamon. Garam masala is sold in bottles and packaging can be purchased in supermarkets or stores that sell special seasoning spice India cuisine.

Is the result of fermentation seasoning black soybeans. The mind feels similar to taoco but lighter. Asian cuisine like Chinese food a lot using the taosi as bumbunya. Can be bought in the supermarket section of seasoning in bottle.

Hot Mustard/Tong cai
Tong cai is hot chicory or cauliflower. Tong cai is often used as a seasoning of Chinese cuisine, such as Hainanese chicken rice, chicken porridge topping, mix the soup, or stir fry.

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