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Ingredients of Indonesian Food

Ingredients of Indonesian Food

Ingredients of Indonesian Food - Asian Causine - Ingredients of Indonesian food is extremely diverse and adds to the flavour of food becomes more palatable. Since the age of discovery the nation of Spain and Portugal, Indonesia was already known by the local wisdom of rempahnya wealth. Until they flocked into Nusantara in order obtain the pepper, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon is useful to disguise the saltiness of salt. In fact, many spices were hunted because they contain many benefits such as increase in sexual arousal.

The main functions of herbs and spices in food processing would certainly provide the color, flavor, and aroma of delicious cuisine in Indonesia. Although the material is the same, with the formulation of different seasonings, taste the cuisine that is produced can be varied.

There are countless types of herbs, either the fresh herbs, dried spices, seasoning-made, to a wide variety of ready-made seasoning. Each of the dishes use different seasonings. Wrong in choosing or using herbs can cause a catastrophe.

In the world of culinary herbs and spices, Indonesia is classified into several kinds. The first category is the spices wet. Spices such as turmeric, galingale, appointment of key, ginger, Lemongrass, onions-bawangan, chili peppers, and scallions entered in this category. As for the second category is the seasoning is dry. Of which are cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, cumin, cardamom, coriander, and cloves. The following Ingredients of Indonesian Food.

Acid taste in cuisine
We often taste cuisine tastes sour, like fish soup sour gravy, sour-sour string beans, vegetable acid until the acid padeh cuisine. What spices are used to produce the acid tastes fresh cuisine? Here are a few of them.

His skin is green with a very acidic taste. Usually used to give a sour taste on dishes or drinks with squeezed the water way. Cut horizontally so that the green fruit is cut off. That way the results of the juice of lemon juice will be more. Lime can also reduce the fishy aromas in dishes of meat, chicken, fish, and seafood. Indonesia food taste richer because of it.

In addition to the lime juice, lime is often added to give a sour taste and scent of fresh cuisine on a typical chili sauce, soup, or soup. Lime small size and many contain water.

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Kaffir Lime
Kaffir lime more often used as a fishy scent neutralizer in a dish of shrimp, fish, chicken, or meat. The aroma is very powerful and distinctive. Orange is not contain lots of water and have a characteristic, namely the regular peelings. Several types of traditional cakes also uses grated Kaffir lime as skin bumbunya.

The flesh and the skin of the fruit is brown with a very acidic taste. Used in the form of fresh or processed. Fresh fruit cut into pieces and added to dishes, such as in the manufacture of vegetable acids. While the fruit ripe sour results peraman texture soft, usually dissolved using water then sieved. Water solution of this is used to give a sour taste on dishes.

Garcinia Atroviridis
One popular enough acid used as a condiment is Garcinia atroviridis. Garcinia atroviridis widely used in cooking. Garcinia atroviridis give a sour taste to dishes without making murky as when using water. It is derived from mangosteen family. However honai fresh fruit similar to the Kaffir lime or Mandarin with bumpy skin. Garcinia atroviridis sold in dried form in traditional markets or supermarkets. The community use it by means of a thin slice of acid and added 2-4 slices in the dish. A growing number of Garcinia atroviridis added, the more sour the taste of food obtained.

Besides Indonesia, the acid of the family Guttiferae plant is also widely used in Asian countries. Thailand refer to the origin of the name with gelugur Som Khaek, and in Malaysia known as asam gelugor. In Malaysia, Garcinia atroviridis often added to dishes of fish curry.

Kandis Acid
The food is typical of most acid Sumatra kandis as seasoning. Usually this type of acid used to give a sour taste on pickles or Curry. It is sold in a dried form. In addition to Indonesia, it is also widely used in the kitchen of Sri Lanka and India.

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Asam Sunti
Aceh cuisine often uses sunti acid as bumbunya. This is seen in the cuisine called Keumamah. This marinade can also be added to make a Curry, chili sauce, or gravy, spicy acids. ASAM sunti made from dried star fruit wuluh. Its use can be in the form of whole or mashed first. Acid acid effect sunti fresh light on the cuisine.

Star Fruit Wuluh
This fruit has another name carambola. The round shape is a long, light green, and it tastes very acidic. Its use is usually cut into pieces to give a sour taste on dishes.

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