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Asian Spices List

Asian Spices List

Asian Spices List - Asian Causine - Asian Spices List is indeed very diverse. As the world's largest Continent, Asia has many diverse cultures that once, one of them a matter of food. A delicious taste and aroma of the spices lightly with a not-too-sharp become the hallmark for any Asian cuisine. The following Asian Spices List:

Chives or Onion China
Commonly used Chinese garlic as a condiment cuisine was part won't be matter. The aroma is fragrant and no less intense match once used as a blend of hot, seafood and stir fry.

Onion Chung
Still from the onion family, garlic chives is almost similar to chung. It's just that, a smaller footprint and hollow like a scallion. Onions are usually used to mix chung stir fry, processed meat or seafood.

Coriander Leaves
Commonly called cilantro, coriander leaves, this shape is similar to that of basil leaves. Fragrant cilantro is very typical and can be used to remove the fishy smell of fish, clams, and shrimp. Oriental cuisine much wear cilantro as condiments such as tom yam soup and som tam from Thailand.

Star anise or Pekak
Fragrant star anise are very typical is the secret of scent patisseries of soy sauce and sapo know. In indonesia, these flowers are indeed still popular compared with nutmeg or cloves. However, in Japan, China, Thailand and star anise is very popular for seasoning dishes like peking duck, sapo, ox-tail soup, curries and other grilled dishes.

Red yeast rice
Red yeast rice is a natural food coloring made from sticky rice or plain rice which is fermented and then dried until the colour is changed to red. Red yeast rice is usually added to dishes of duck, chicken, meat or vegetables to give the effect of the color red. How to use it with pounded and then mixed in with the groceries.

Now you already know the secret delights of Asian cuisine right? Now it's time try new recipes Asian cuisine at home. Good luck.

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