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7 Benefits of Chinese Diet Tea

Benefits of Chinese Diet Tea

7 benefits of chinese diet tea - Health - Here's a complete explanation of the benefits of chinese diet tea. Have body slim with the ideal weight is the desire of everyone, especially the weaker sex. Women who are slender feels more attractive and beautiful, so they are willing to do various ways to get a slim body. Actually to get the ideal body weight can be done by keeping the pattern and portion of food and exercise regularly every day at least 30 minutes.

Of course it takes patience and consistency to get the ideal weight. To help you lose weight you can consume natural herbs such as the benefits of red rice tea, the benefits of cumin to diet, or Chinese teak tea teas that have been known and used since centuries ago as natural laxatives and have no side effects.

About teak chinese tea
Teak chinese tea is widely used for diet because it contains laxative or laxative substances, teak china or senna leaf is a bush plant that grows up to 3 meters, has a green stalk and leaf-shaped smooth oval. Chinese tea has many benefits especially for diet, because teak chinese tea contains various substances and minerals such as: triterpen, kariofilen, farnesol, catechin, friedelin, kaurent acid, prekosen I, prosianidin B-2, prosianidin B-5, Prosianidin C- 1, sitosterol, friedelin-3a-ol, sterols, alkaloids and carotenoids.

The benefits of chinese tea for diet and for health include:

1. Helps the body's metabolic system
By consuming teak chinese tea can help launch the system of metabolism in the body by lowering bad cholesterol and fat.

2. Overcoming constipation
Constipation causes constipation, people with constipation will feel uncomfortable for long will feel sick, because the dirt accumulate in the large intestine, the dirt will harden and hard to remove. Consuming Chinese teak tea your constipation problem will be overcome because of laxative substance in Chinese tea as a natural laxative. We recommend consuming teak china tea for laxatives not more than 2 weeks, so as not to become dependent.

3. As a detoxification of the body.
The benefits of tea liang tea and chinese leaf tea can serve as a natural medicine detoxification, can get rid of toxins in the body especially in the intestinal organs, so that the body's motabolism system easier in absorbing nutrients and incoming food juices and can break down food for the body that can be a source of energy.

4. Slimming the body
The benefits of chinese tea as a natural remedy without chemicals used for body slimming because it has a high fiber content, so it becomes a solution to lose weight without any risk because chinese tea is safe to consume as long as in accordance with the dosage and rules of use.

5. Chinese tea can help shrink the distended stomach.
Having a distended stomach will interfere with your appearance other than that someone who has a pot belly susceptible to various diseases. By consuming teak china tea tea can be a natural herbal safe for men and women to overcome the distended stomach.

6. Help lower Kolesteol
Consuming teak chinese tea can help lower bad cholesterol levels that will inhibit blood circulation that causes heart disease, other herbs that can lower cholesterol like cherry leaf benefits for cholesterol, celery benefits for uric acid and cholesterol.

7. Treating rheumatism
Eating teas teak tea regularly can help treat rheumatic diseases, as well as make the body feel more fresh bowel more smoothly.

How to serve Chinese tea

  • Take 1 teaspoon tea teak leaves of china, brewed with boiling water let for a moment, wait until the water is brownish and tea is ready for consumption (the new tea teas try teak leaves do not wait until the water is brownish)
  • Taken regularly 2 times 1 day one glass
  • Drinking morning and evening, do not overdo it.

Pregnant women, or who are menstruating is not recommended to drink teas teak tea because it is at risk of kidney disease.

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