Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Vacation in Siem Reap

Siem Reap

Vacation in Siem Reap - Travel - Siem Reap not only have historical tourism to the area, but also some other unique sights.

Do you know where the location of the Siem Reap? Siem Reap is a city located in Cambodia. This place has the meaning "Siamese who is invincible". In this city there are lots of historical evidence regarding the State of Cambodia. No wonder again if Siem Reap often made Cambodian history tourist destination for some people.

But it turns out that Siem Reap not only have historical tourism to the area, but also some other unique sights. Sebutlah some fun place for rum tasting, cooking classes and class also makes pottery.

Curious anywhere fun places that provide such fun activity? We try to pick it for you.

1. Georges Free Rum Tasting

Love the drinks that contain rum in it? Georges is the right place for you. There you will be presented the local rum became flagship with a variety of products such as Georges jam, sambal, and also the famous fruits processed products in Cambodia. The offered products are quite affordable, Georges, an average of US $3-8 (Rp-Rp 39,000 104,000).

In Georges are also inhabitants of Angkor Wat which is working on the packaging for the product you are purchasing the Georges. Of course you can order product packaging to provide custom in Georges as a gift to a close relative. The work could take 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the level of kesulitnannya. The workmanship you can wait while you enjoy fine dining that is on Georges.

Visit the Georges in the Quad next to Police, Salakamroeuk Adventure, Siem Reap at 10.30-23.00.

2. Beyond Unique Cooking Class

Love to Cook? Or like the Cambodian specialties such as Bai Sach Chrouk, Ang Dtray-Meuk or Fish Amok? If so, you could try Beyond Unique Cooking Class that is in Siem Reap. Only with US $22 (Rp 286.000), you can learn cooking Cambodian specialties in small groups. With these prices, you will also attend local family visit to Cambodia to learn how to direct appropriate serving indigenous traditions of Cambodia.

For those of you who plan to visit Siam Reap in the near future and would like to learn cooking Cambodian cuisine, feel free to visit Beyond Unique in Sivutha Bvld, or call to get more information on + 855 77 562 565.

3. Angkor Pottery Center

Guanajuato crafts pottery? Angkor Pottery Center can be your goal. There, you can follow the pottery-making workshop for both beginners as well as for professionals. You will also be taught to make this craft directly by the local pottery craftsman professional, Paruth Hann. He will give You information about the history and also the art from thousands of years ago.

With just US $5-20 (Rp 65,000-Rp 260,000) you can feel the excitement of making pottery together Ny. Hann Paruth. Visit Angkor Pottery Center that is in Wat Atwear Village (3.5 km from traditional markets that are on the Main Road 63) at 08.00-19.00.

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