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Tips to select and Cultivate Vegetables

Tips to select and Cultivate Vegetables - Tips - Health

Tips to select and Cultivate Vegetables - Tips - Health

Tips on choosing fresh vegetables (decent consumed) is by observing the characteristics of the vegetable:

  1. Note the color, choose a color that looks still bright, aka not dull. Do not select green vegetables that are already yellowing and wilting.
  2. For vegetable-shaped leaves, note its shape, in terms of form here is to look at the texture and physical perfection, choose vegetables that are not torn and tangled. However, if these defects because vegetables eaten a caterpillar, then it does not matter because it is believed that vegetables do not contain excessive pesticide. As for the tubers then you need to consider is the texture is still hard or not conducive or lonyot. Select tubers that are still kesat or not slimy.
  3. If possible, choose the hydroponic vegetables. Its character, has roots that long. In general these plants kept in an enclosed greenhouse so rarely got a pest, which means it will sanagt a small possibility in the use of pesticides.
  4. Note carefully, do not choose vegetables with white patches, because it is possible that patches are former spraying pesticides that are already dry out and stick to the veggies.

Tips to cultivate vegetables:

  1. Vegetables will lebihbersih avoid germs and dirt, if soaked in water that has emblazoned the salt. Let stand about 10 minutes, lift up then wash again with running water until completely clean.
  2. The vegetables will stay green, fresh, and crisp if washed with cold water. Then dried with rag until dry. Enter in a bag and store in the refrigerator at the catapult.
  3. So that sayurbertahan freshness longer, before it is stored dikulkas. We recommend that you insert a sponge or foam cleaner that served to absorb the excess water that will cause the vegetables to rot.
  4. Mistaken if think raw vegetables contain more nutrients and antioxidants. A study in Europe showed the antioxidant substances contained vegetables are cooked, sliced or crushed more easily absorbed and the body rather than the vegetables that are still raw. However,
  5. Vitamin C is easily soluble in water and are sensitive to heat. So Cook vegetables as brief as possible, because it will reduce his nutritional content. The best way, steamed vegetables no longer than seven minutes. When boiled, enter the vegetables when the water is already boiling.
  6. In order to keep looking fresh ripe vegetables, boil water telahhditambahkan salt and granulated sugar. Then insert pieces of vegetables. Let boil and half soft, lift. Enter your vegetables in ice water, allow it to cool, drain vegetables. This will stop the ripening process, so that the vegetables will look remain green and not too ' mature '

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