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Tips To Lose Weight

Tips To Lose Weight

Tips To Lose Weight - Tips - Health - For those of you who do try doing some dieting tips to lose weight here. For most people, a diet into something very terrible. Many people assume that the diet is a very annoying eating arrangements. In which we are forbidden to eat this and that, it is prohibited to eat food we like. Furthermore have to do sports as a supporter of the diet.

The First Day Of The Diet
The first day is a very important day in the diet program. Because all the old habits changed and of course it takes a bit of adaptation. Start the day with a mild and watery fruits mengkomsumsi. Throughout the day You may only eat fruits rich in water, except bananas. You can also drink water to prevent dehydration.

The Second Day
If you want the target weight 7 kg at the end of the week, then you should do a strict diet of vegetables. Consumption of a variety of colors of vegetables. To offer it should be boiled or be consumed raw as a salad. Do not manipulate the way fried or sauteed. For added variety, you can add the potatoes. But the way the process should also be steamed or boiled. Don't forget the white water consumption remains at least eight glasses a day.

The Third Day
Combine vegetables and fruits to make it more colorful. You can consume it three or more times in a day. Do not add a potato or a banana if you want to lose weight. Intake of drinking water remains as the previous day to avoid dehydration.

The Fourth Day
Today you can only consume bananas and milk. Bananas can be processed into anything except the fried banana milkshake, for example or consumed directly. Remember, only the second of this menu is allowed.

The Fifth Day
On the fifth day of this typically you already feel a little difference and a little light. You may consume 5 scoops of rice. Add the tomato pieces 7-8 raw or boiled. You can consume rice twice in the morning and afternoon. For the night we recommend that you do not consume rice. Increase the amount of intake of your drinking water.

The Sixth Day
Breakfast with protein, to eat siangnya rice consumption 5 spoons with a side dish of vegetables only.

The Seventh Day
The last day of your diet can still consume 5 spoons of rice with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Now You can check your weight, how many kg weight of the successful You prune? If you want to maintain weight or want to burn more body fat, you can routinely do cardio exercises such as jongging and cycling. It can also work out at the gym is a place to form the body proportionately. Don't forget to keep keep your food intake so that is not the case the addition of body fat.

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