Monday, September 4, 2017

The traditional way of Repel Ticks in Rice

The traditional way of Repel Ticks in Rice

The traditional way of Repel Ticks in Rice - Tips - Rice is one of the vital food source in the world, including Indonesia. Carbohydrate content-laden, rice boiled rice becomes rice often become the main food eaten along side dishes and vegetables.

The usual rice bought in large quantities such as the scale of the sack or kilograms, of course invite the arrival of fleas. What if a less clean storage make fleas breed more comfortable.

There is a traditional way to repel fleas-lice to be naughty. In addition to making people eating rice lousy become allergic, his nutritional content also declined.

Keep rice in a dry place and away from splashes of water or humid air. Temperatures below 17 degrees Celsius makes life uncomfortable and fleas cannot breed.

Mixed Leaves
Every 10 kg of rice stored, should be mixed with 50 grams Orange leaves that already crushed and wrapped in gauze so as not to dirty rice. In addition to the bug-free, it can also provide a fresh fragrance in the rice.

Garlic has a distinctive aroma disliked ticks or micro-organisms to each other. This is useful for storage of rice to keep out a stinging smell of lice. Kupaslah garlic and place it on the surface of the rice as well as the ends of the room where rice is stored.

Spicy aroma and the heat turns out to be able to dislodge the stubborn fleas. Select the already dry and store it in a place of storing rice. Make sure the chili peppers did not enter termasak if do not want to add a nutty taste.

One prevents fleas breeding is to expose the rice into the sunlight. It is better to prevent the extra humidity makes comfortable lice proliferate.

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