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The Best Restaurant in Uzbekistan

The Best Restaurant in Uzbekistan

The Best Restaurant in Uzbekistan - Travel - You are planning on travelling to Uzbekistan and confused looking for recommendations of places to eat? Don't worry about it. Here are six restaurant recommendations for you.

Central Asian Plov Centre
Plov is the culinary King of Uzbekistan. The Centre of plov, in Tashkent, is the most perfect for you taste it. Specialist chef called Plov Oshpaz will food with meat and rice in a giant outdoor tents. The mouth-watering aroma will fill the air.

Chustiy Cuisine
As a half-hour social media, Chustiy Cuisine specializing in traditional Uzbek dishes to make it more modern. He is no longer playing with the flavors and ingredients of a classic. Samsa (flaky pastry stuffed lamb) and lagman (noodles made of culinary) in this place is worth a try.

Samarkand restaurant has an attractive outdoor terrace, separated from the street by a wall of water. This place serves local dishes, such as lamb kebabs, smoked chalop, and manti. This dish is a fusion of Central Asia-Korea, a legacy of half a million citizens of Korea who was exiled to the region during World War II.

Old City
Located in the Old City of Samarkand, restaurant has a menu list is long and varied, good local dishes as well as Russia. It provides fresh vegetables and salad is perfect for vegetarians.

Hotel Amelia
Amelia hotel is highly recommended for those of you who wish to have breakfast. Fluffy pancakes, doughnuts, warm bread, apricot, tart yogurt, fresh yellow and cherry ready for when consumed. This restaurant is located in the home of a Jewish merchant of the 19th century.

The Premises Of The Old Bukhara
This attractive roofed restaurant offers views of the magical city of Bukhara. The tables are laid with a cloth belt and cavities filled with colorful Uzbek pottery. Select the new kebab shashlik or down from the top of the grill is charcoal, then chew bread and tomato salad together.

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