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Savory Dishes Delicious Asian Cuisine

Savory Dishes Delicious Asian Cuisine

Savory Dishes Delicious Asian Cuisine - Asian Food - Famous Asian cuisine with tastes of slightly salty and pungent with the aroma of savory. In fact, Asian cuisine is renowned as one of the culinary kind of complicated with an exotic flavor. This unique flavor due to the use of a variety of fresh herbs that enhance the flavour. Not to mention with a spicy flavor to many people adding to the appetite.

In General, every country has its uniqueness in the culinary aspect. In Asian countries, taste cuisine with flavors, seasonings, types and materials of processing food to very different regions of the Americas. The region of the Americas is a little more synonymous with Europe. Traditional cultural differences that distinguish the taste of a meal between America and Asia.

Such as how to Cook, eating habits, and the recipes are famous. Each has its own characteristic seasonings such as soy sauce, sriracha and Ginger (typical Thailand sauce for seasoning cocol sea food) in Southeast Asian food, or butter and syrup in foods of South Asia.

A study from an international team led by Yong-Yeol Ahn and Sebastian Ahnert, published in the scientific report, pointed out that the Asian cooking recipes tend to be different from others and has its own distinctive flavor.

In East Asian cuisine typical dishes with beef, pork, Ginger Chicken red chili and onions. Food ingredients belonging to each country are characteristic of each recipe. The combination of recipe ingredients from one country to another will create a unique flavor and as a good omen for the success of the world's powerful chef in times to come.

Processed rice with various culinary also became a hallmark of Asian cuisine. In fact, eating a processed rice with side dishes such as beef, chicken or fish very many variants, that is mixed with the dry concepts (FRY), stir-fry, soups or even bersantan. Here are some favorite Asian cuisine.

Rendang, Indonesia
The number one most favorite food in the world is not just a popular community Indonesia as a menu selection lunch and dinner which is very fitting. In fact, many restaurants are there in Indonesia over the world, beef rendang and much sought after highly acclaimed delicious. Dried coconut meat spiced with a slightly spicy, this is a great choice for lunch. What else is eaten with rice and a variety of other Companion menu. Rendang is very delicious and rich.

Fried Rice, Indonesia
One more typical menu of Indonesia that favored communities in the world, fried rice, is the right choice for lunch, afternoon, and night. In fact, the fried rice is also fitting for breakfast. In addition to sufficient portions, fried rice is also really easy to look for because it is a food that is found everywhere. There are also various kinds of fried rice that can be chosen according to taste. Start of regular fried rice or fried seafood rice that are rich in protein.

Nasi Lemak, Malaysia
Nasi lemak became one of the favorite foods of the Malays. The menu is typical of Malaysia has a large portion with a variety of side dishes, very fitting to glut the belly during lunch. Actually, similar to nasi lemak Hor cooked with coconut milk so that produce savory. Nasi lemak served with eggs, cucumber, fish fry, bleary and full fried chicken with chili sauce.

"Chicken Rice" Hainan, Singapore
Hainanese chicken rice with bits of this country's national food into Singapore. Chicken rice besides it tastes savory and delicious also does not contain oil or fat, but keep the glut. An option that is fitting for a healthy lunch. Better enjoy the chicken rice with tomato sauce soy sauce and chili sauce as well.

Sushi, Japan
Bored with lunch menus are spiced sharp? Sushi is healthy lunch menu and the glut. Eating rice, dried seaweed and sea fish and other seafood a favorite of many people. That's why sushi is very popular and can be a fitting choice for lunch.

Tomyam, Thailand
The Tomyam settled fourth food terenak in this world is indeed a suitable as the lunch menu. Fresh tamarind sauce and a little spicy flavor of the tomyam is able to arouse the appetite. Plus the contents of various types of seafood such as shrimp, calamari, and fresh vegetables are rich and tempting to eaten.

Pad Thai, Thailand
This Thailand food specialties are also quite popular in various countries. The food is five feet, similar to a dish of fried Shahe from Indonesia. This chewy noodle dishes cooked with bean sprouts, green onions, shrimp, peanuts, and added with soy sauce, fish sauce, and chili seasoning too. Savory, spicy, salty, and sour mix together so a mouth-watering lunch.

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