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Recipe: Dolma, Middle Eastern specialties

Dolma, Middle Eastern specialties

Recipe: Dolma, Middle Eastern specialties - Asian Food - Dolma or dolmak derived from Turkey which means stuffed or something groceries stuffed. Dolma is one of the traditional foods of origin countries – the countries of the Mediterranean. In Turkey Dolma has two names, Yaprak Sarma and Dolma.

In Turkey called dolma instead of rice seasonings wrapped in vine leaves. But, rice seasoning in peppers or eggplant. Whereas if yaprak sarma, might call in question the seasoning packet of rice leaf wine.

Because, according to the language of Turkey, yaprak sarma leaves and means mean wrap. While the dolma means content or fill. So, ' dolma ' means a lot. Know the contents could also be called dolma. Dolma which contains rice seasoning can be filled into the peppers, eggplants, courgettes, mushrooms, red or green chillies, goat intestines even.

However, of the food ingredients which is used as a wrapper, the anggurlah leaves many people in the Middle East. Indonesia people know as ' dolma grape leaves ' i.e. dolma that use vine leaves as pembungkusnya.

Dolma has fillers in the form of beef or without beef. Dolma with meat, very tasty served warm with the sauce, while meatless dolma (rice only) is usually served cold and other spices like onion, parsley, mint spice as well as enhancements.

These foods also there are countries – Mediterranean countries such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Israel and countries surrounding the Mediterranean countries –. Dolma also has another name i.e. dolma, dolmades, or dolmates known diPrancis.

How to make it easy enough, brown rice raw spiced, wrapped in grape leaves and then steamed using, so the leaves don't break down or off given ballast or tied up. While the use of paprika or other vegetables, the central part of vegetables and rice stuffed dredged meat chopped and steamed.

If found or Yaprak Dolma Salma that tastes somewhat tasteless, commonly eaten with yogurt. As for the already savory edible for granted or be mixed with minced meat, pesto (pine nuts), raisins, juice of lemon juice and others.

Materials a dolma:

  • Roma tomatoes, sliced 4 (this type is not the usual type of tomato sehancur when boiled)
  • ½ Cup of extra pure olive oil, for two
  • 2 lemons, grab her Sari
  • 4 tbsp versatile seasoning
  • ¼ cup soup leaves, finely chopped
  • 2 cups long-grain rice
  • 450 g beef or lamb
  • salt, to taste

How to make a dolma:
1. mix ¼ Cup of extra pure olive oil, salt, seasonings are versatile, leaf soup, juice of one lemon, rice, and meat. Mix well. Wash the leaves and pat dry.
2. put the tomato pieces in the bottom of a large saucepan so that it doesn't stick to the bottom of dolma pan when cooked.
3. Lightly coat the burnt paper with aluminium trays and place one grape leaf on it, with the veins facing up. Cut the stalks. Put a little meat mixture (about the size of a thumb) near the middle of the tip of the leaf.
4. Fold the edge of the cover the meat. Scroll to the top, with the sides remain folded. Continue to roll (but don't be too fast to rice can't bloom) to produce the shape of a cigar.
5. place on top of tomatoes in the Pan and continue with the remaining leaves.
6. While entire leaves have been folded and placed in the pot, the remaining lemon juice siramkan on it and he added ¼ cup olive oil and salt to taste.
7. Add water to cover the dolma and put a plate that fits the size of the pot on top of it to keep holding dolma (add weights on it if the plate less weight). Simmer for 60 minutes, covered, in a State of moderate heat.
8. Now You can enjoy the dolma.

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