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Recipe Da Shima Twigim (Fried Kelp Korea)

Da Shima Twigim

Recipe Da Shima Twigim (Fried Kelp Korea) - Asian Food - Menu da shima twigim will become a very special dish. Another name of da shima twigim is Korean fried kelp. The menu is very hunted by culinary. Nutritional value in this menu belongs to nourish. The image of the resulting taste is very delicious, savory and delicious. Raw materials used include seaweed and spices. Nutrient content on seaweed, among others, protein, fat, fiber, calcium, iodine, iron, vitamin A and vitamin c. benefits of consuming seaweed is maintaining the health of the thyroid, reducing body weight and lethal bacteria and viruses that harms the body. With a unique way of cooking then the flavors will be more steady.

Here's How To Make A Cookbook Da Shima Twigim (Fried Kelp Korea):
Material Da Shima Twigim (Fried Kelp Korea)

  • 10 pieces of dried Black Seaweed;
  • -Each 3-inch
  • 1 c. corn oil
  • 2 Tb Sugar

How to make Da Shima Twigim (Fried Kelp Korea):

  1. Wipe Each Piece Of Dried Seaweed With A Damp Cloth (Not Wet).
  2. Heat The Oil In A Skillet Over Medium Heat.
  3. One By One, Put A Very Lightly Moistened Piece Of Seaweed In Hot Oil, Holding It With Chopsticks, Until It Changes Color To Dark Green.
  4. Bubbles May Appear On The Surface Of The Sea Grass And Will Develop A Crispness.
  5. While The Seaweed Is Still Hot Sprinkle On Some Sugar Grains. The Sugar Will Stick On Seaweed While Still Hot And Simply Removed From The Oil.
  6. This Is Not Going To Do It When Cold.
  7. Eat as a side dish or a snack With tea or Drink. Serves 4 to 6
  8. Such a description of how to create a cookbook da shima twigim (Korean fried kelp). Good luck.

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